The Aryans: the Russians suggested the PACE Rapporteur to visit the Crimea, however, he referred to international law and declared the impossibility of such a visit

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Adoption of the draft resolution on the situation of the Crimean Tatars in the Committee on equality and non-discrimination parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe was postponed. Comments about this “Crimea Realities” on September 12, said the people’s Deputy from “European solidarity” Vladimir Aryev.

In the Verkhovna Rada of the VIII convocation of the Aryans was the head of the Ukrainian delegation to PACE.

Aryev said that the approval was postponed because the Ukrainian proposal to amend the draft resolution with some amendments.

“It changes, they have prepared jointly with the Parliament. They strengthen the position on the Crimean Tatars and opposition to the occupation of the Crimea; wording in respect of the Crimean Tatars as the indigenous nation of Crimea; release all detainees and convicts in the case of Hizb ut-Tahrir; the illegal use of the Russian legislation on the territory of annexed Crimea. I brought the list is very short and in General terms,” – said the politician.

According to him, the changes are “a very important technical and legal nature to report looked perfect”.

Aryev reported that the next Committee meeting to be held in October.

In Facebook the people’s Deputy noted that the postponement of the meeting was also supported by the representatives of the Russian delegation.

“They offered to PACE Rapporteur to visit the Crimea, however, the Rapporteur referred to international law and declared the impossibility of such a visit. So, the report will continue and have a chance to quite adequate final text. The struggle continues,” he wrote.

Затвердження проекту резолюції ПАРЄ з приводу кримських татар перенесли на наступне засідання комітету з питань рівності…

Posted by Volodymyr Ariev on Thursday, September 12, 2019

September 10, Aryev said that the speaker of Parliament Dmitry Razumkov blocks the trip of the Ukrainian delegation at the meeting of the PACE Committee on equality and non-discrimination September 12.

In response, the MP from the “public Servants”, the head of the Committee on foreign Affairs and inter-parliamentary cooperation, Bohdan Yaremenko, wrote in Facebook that the speaker “has every right not to sign a business trip the people’s Deputy during the plenary session.”

“But the situation was completely different. Had to make sure that the state of Ukraine, she is a “delegation” and “new” Parliament consonant with the estimate discussed in the Commission’s non-discrimination document… All positions with Vladimir Aryev has been agreed. Documents on a business trip signed,” he said.

PACE autumn session will take place from 30 September to 4 October.

Russia annexed Crimea after the illegal referendum on 16 March 2014. The annexation of Crimea by Russia is not recognised by Ukraine and most countries of the world. In the moment between mainland Ukraine and the Crimea there is an access control regime, and Kiev de facto controls the Peninsula.