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The original video has collected more than 8.5 million views, two million likes and the recognition of the genius of the author.

An unusual way of eating a mango glorified the guy in network. The video was published by the wearer under the name TikTok Kathy Feeney.

Girl filmed her boyfriend Shawn Yamada unusual way of eating a mango. The guy made an incision halfway around the fruit and separated one half from the seed.

Then the teeth clamped bone and separated the other half of the fruit a bit of her scroll. Then the guy started eating the pulp with a spoon.


what do you guys think?🥭 ##howto

♬ original sound – katiefeeneyy

The movie is just per day collected 8.5 million hits, two million likes and almost 26 thousand comments. Many users acknowledged an unusual way of eating a mango is a genius.

Earlier it was reported that the blogger showed how to clean the egg, and became a star. Also the Correspondent wrote that the man shot a terrible video, “murdered” users TikTok.

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