Akhmadov: happy birthday, darling!

Photo: Aslan Ahmadov / Facebook

Russian photographer, stylist and Director Aslan Ahmadov, the husband of the Ukrainian singer Irina Bilyk, in her birthday shared in a Facebook video with her participation, which was read the poem by Innokenty Annensky “Among worlds”.

“Happy birthday, darling!” – he wrote.

С Днем рождения, Любимая!

Опубліковано Aslan Ahmadov Четвер, 5 квітня 2018 р.

Irina Bilyk April 6 marks 48 years.

Bilyk married Akhmadov few years ago.

9 Dec 2015 Bilyk said that again became a mother. It was later revealed that her youngest son Tabriz was born by a surrogate mother.

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