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The former player of Arsenal’s admitted that he hates the club and why he was forced to move to Manchester city.

Former Arsenal player Emmanuel Adebayor has called Arsene Wenger a hypocrite and fell in love with Jose Mourinho. The footballer told about the hatred of Arsenal because of his coach and rasskryl the reason why once Peres at Manchester city.

“One of my favorite coaches – Mourinho. I will always love him. All because he is honest. I am in my career met many coaches who was a hypocrite.

For example: I had a meeting with Arsene Wenger in his office, and he told me that I should leave because he can’t see my future at Arsenal, and I have to move on.

I told him I would stay. But Wenger hinted that the club does not leave me a chance to stay. I had a choice to leave or stay and not play. I decided to leave and I had no options other than transfer to Manchester city.

The day after my move at the press conference Wenger said that I left because of a lot of money. After that I began to hate Arsenal.

This, of course, does not apply to fans – they are the first who chanted my name in London. And now, when I watch Arsenal matches I have mixed feeling, I want them to win and at the same time, I want to lose, because still I am left with the anger,” quoted Adebayor The Mirror.

Earlier it was reported that Arsene Wenger commented on the possible transfer of Sanchez to Manchester United and said that he was not vyzovut a lot of frustration.

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