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This conclusion was reached by Finnish researchers.

It turns out that if urban children are more time playing in the woods or parks – this will strengthen their immune system. This conclusion was reached by Finnish researchers, reported Daily Mail (translation

Scientists have transformed ordinary playgrounds with gravel, adding to the greenery and soil – and the result was not long in coming. Just a month in children, improved immunity, and the risk of developing asthma, eczema and type I diabetes dropped significantly.

According to the researchers, children who played near the green spaces were more varied microflora of the skin and intestines – along with the signs adjusted to better immune system.

Researcher Aki Sinkkonen and his colleagues transformed the outdoor play areas four kindergartens in Finland. In the previously bare yards, covered with concrete, sand and gravel – they added grass, mosses, small shrubs, boxes for plants and natural forest litter.

Within 28 days of children, each aged 3 to 5 years, spent one and a half hours a day on a renovated green areas, playing games, planting plants and creating products from natural materials.

In total, the study involved 75 children from 10 kindergartens. Smears from the skin to the presence of microorganisms were taken from each of them both before and after the study period.

Later, the team compared the kindergarten with three “normal”, the yards of which were empty, and three “rural” institutions, where the children took daily walks in the nearby woods.

The data indicate that the physical protection of children living in cities can be enhanced if every day to play in the woods or parks.

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