Winged and strategic. The new missiles of Ukraine

Photo: NSDC Cruise missile Neptune

The Ukrainian army will soon have to obtain the latest weapons in the samples – missile system Alder and cruise missiles Neptune, said the national security Council.

Ukrainian army will receive several new models of powerful weapons – missile system Alder and cruise missiles Neptune . About it in the national security Council announced in early February.

Military experts believe that Ukrainian Armed forces may obtain other weapons from their own military-industrial complex.

Корреспондент.net understood how powerful combat weapons works Ukraine.


Cruise missiles Neptune

On 30 January, the Council announced the testing of the first cruise missiles entirely of Ukrainian origin. The name of the missile was not revealed, however, military experts came to the conclusion that it is Neptune.

Missiles discussed not only the Ukrainian and Russian media, and Western. As noted by the Czech newspaper Echo24, there were different comments: some authors have warned that the new weapon could threaten even Moscow, and others laughed, calling the rocket is just a demo layout for the media.

Neptune is similar to Soviet missile Kh-35, also known as 3М24 Uranium, but with significant modifications.

The missile’s range is 280 kilometers. Three versions are planned: naval, ground and airborne. Neptune will be located in the transport launch container. Length of the rocket accelerator is five meters.

New Ukrainian missile designed to destroy warships and transport ships in the shock groups.

Military expert Sergey Zgurets said that it can be compared with American, Chinese and Soviet missiles with a range of 300 kilometers.

He said that it was a subsonic missile, the scheme of its flight – the standard for cruise model.

“Midcourse altitude: 10-30 m, on the end portion 4-5 m. warhead – high-explosive. By equipping different types of homing can hit various types of targets. As with known coordinates, and used as anti-radar missile,” explains Zgurets.

Later, the expert in an interview said that, like any cruise missile, the Neptune is equipped with a sustainer engine on aviation kerosene.

“If you increase the fuel tank two or three times, the flight range will increase to thousands of kilometers and more. That is, there is the issue of the scope of the project,” said Zgurets.

It is expected that Neptune will be in service with coastal forces. The rocket will use to control the Black sea.

When the rockets entered service is not known yet, because Neptune must undergo all stages of state testing.

Developer: Design Bureau Luch


Missile Alder

A few days after the demonstration of the Neptune NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov announced a test missile complex Alder, also of Ukrainian development.

Alder is a reactive system of volley fire with guided missile based on Soviet MLRS Smerch, the accuracy is quite low.

The range of the Alder will sostovlyaet 120 kilometers, 30 kilometers more than the Tornado. Launcher contains 12 missiles with a caliber of 300 millimeters, each of which will be direct on a single target, and the flight will be manageable. Also missiles can carry a variety of warheads.

Experts say that to control the flight of missiles will be using the impulse engines.

Turchinov said that the Ukrainian Alder is already huge abroad. However, he noted that first it is necessary to provide APU.

In the NSDC reported that serial production of the missile complex is to begin in 2018.

Developer: Design Bureau Luch


Missile system Grom-2

Not so long ago in the Internet appeared the frames tests tactical missile system Grom-2 – cell complex with missiles that can hit ground targets at a distance up to 280 kilometers.

Warhead high-explosive or penetrating high-explosive for well armored targets.

Thunder-2 is equipped with at least upravlyaemye ballistic missiles. However, on the website of the developer, KB South States that it is precision weapons.

Military experts say that the Thunder-2 is a continuation of a previously suspended project Falcon, the design for Saudi Arabia, which has invested in the project $ 40 million.

Last year, the presentation of the prototype of the launcher for two missiles with ranges of 300 kilometers and a warhead weighing 480 pounds, and it’s parameters are identical to the Russian Iskander-E.

Since the missile was designed for export, the range is limited to the export control Regime over rocket technologies, which set a limit. However, experts say that the complex laid a large distance.

Probably in service with the Ukrainian army gets complex called Sapsan.

Developer: southern Design office


Cruise missile Korshun-2

Cruise missile Kite, as noted by Echo24, much more dangerous than Neptune. According to official statements the range reaches 280 km.

“But its appearance and size suggest that this missile can be categorized with the us Tomahawk and the Russian Caliber, whose range is about two and a half thousand kilometers. Thus, Kiev could get a system able to strike at the strategic rear of the enemy”, – notes the edition.

The model rocket Kite-2 / CB South

That is, the Kite-2 can obtain the status of a strategic weapon. While the Kite is still under development, but the very existence of this project raises concerns, said military expert edition.

Rocket plans to place on a self-propelled launcher, however, at the exhibition of arms indicated that based missile at the ships, and aviation.

On the website of the South Bureau said that Kite-2 must get into the arms of the Ukrainian army.

Developer: KB southern


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