Why Putin mercenaries “Wagner” in Ukraine, said there are three goals

The use of private army avoids justification to the Russian public that someone was killed, the expert said

Russian mercenary. Photo: facebook.com/mod.mil.rus

Russia handy to have in different military conflicts mercenaries from private military company “Wagner” so how can you deal with public interests without the formal presence of Russian troops, as Russia is difficult to fight a full army in Ukraine and in Syria. Such opinion on air of TV channel “Direct” expressed political analyst and media expert Alexander Harbin.

He named three main points, why the Kremlin is beneficial to have a private army.

“The first is mobile. That is, you can always say “we are not there”. And while the European, Western institutions will be dealt with whose people – a draw, “someone”, for money or public – you can do many things: for example, to seize half of Ukraine and Kiev”, – said Harabin.


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The second point handling mercenaries: “People work for money. It is the mercenaries. They can raise wages, reduce they are actually military slaves: they said they are going. They are robots”.

One of the main advantages of using the services of PMCs “Wagner” is the replacement of Russian troops in one of the conflicts, as the Russian army will not be able to conduct a full-scale war.

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