Who played 20 years ago in “Titanic,” the boy still gets paid for shooting

Figure Thompson has played in three stages paintings and said a small dialogue

Reece Thompson. Screen video

Former actor Rhys Thompson (Reece Thompson) told Business Insider that still gets money for the shooting of “Titanic”, even after 20 years after the release of the movie. At the age of 5 years he played in the film by James Cameron “a little Irish boy,” the passenger of the third class, who was tragically killed along with his mother and sister during the Holocaust. He had three scenes and one line with a replica.

To the “Titanic” Thompson won the talent contest and became a model. One day his agent suggested his mother two potential project: the emergence of the is network of gas stations or shooting “major movie”. The teaser was a more reliable option, as guaranteed decent money for a few hours, but mother Thompson decided to take a chance.

“My mom said, “let’s just do it, would be cool. Even if the movie sucks, we’ll see”,” says Reece.

The role in “Titanic” was his debut in cinema, but after that Thompson left acting. Now the man is already 25 years old and he works as Director of digital marketing at Brian Head Resort — ski resort in Utah.

“The little Irish boy” 20 years later. Photo: Reece Thompson

According to Thompson, he doesn’t remember much from the shooting of “Titanic” or listening to them. However, the man noted that it was difficult to reproduce the Irish accent at that age, because he even didn’t understand what accent.

“If you listen to it, it doesn’t sound very Irish. It just sounds soft. I remember trying to repeat what was done by the teacher on the pronunciation of” – he said.

According to Thompson, five years for shooting three scenes of “Titanic” he has got 30 thousand dollars. He was paid at a fixed rate for the time spent on the set. Earned money his family has invested and put in the Bank. Most of this amount went to education, a car and daily expenses Thompson.

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  1. Reece Thompson says:

    I was forwarded this article from a coworker of mine.

    My name isn’t “Rice”. It’s cool getting all of this publicity for something I feel very little responsibility for, but my name is now all over the internet and for whatever reason it appears as though my name has been confused with a popular asian food staple. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this kind of mixup in spelling before.

    I don’t know… please spell my name right.

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