White house cancels Amnesty for young illegals

White house cancels Amnesty for young illegals

Trump and the dreamers

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As predicted, on Tuesday, the Minister of justice Jeff sessions announced the closure of the program, which shielded from deportation of illegal immigrants caught in the country in childhood.

Program that essentially granted Amnesty to about 800 thousand young undocumented immigrants, called the DUCK from the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

Shifting in his youth, Soviet political documents, I noticed that if some notion hardly translates into other languages, then most likely it is normal, do not have the right to exist. So here: try to translate the above name of Obama’s program.

Enlisted in DHAKA to young illegal immigrants were called “dramarama”, that is, dreamers. Politicians love to come up with beautiful names to their creations. So, Obamacare officially called the “Law of affordable health care”.

Barack Obama introduced this program in violation of the Constitution and bypass Congress in the midst of the election campaign of 2012. Political analysts say that the move helped him win the votes of more Latinos, the lion’s share of which chose him over Republican MITT Romney.

Two years before that, Congress rejected a similar measure, and now Obama held a presidential decree, while previously openly admitted that he has no right to it.

The Constitution gives the President broad powers, but they are not limitless. Obama, for example, definitely had no right to give young illegal immigrants a work permit, because it is the prerogative of the legislature, not the Executive.

Appetite comes while eating. After no one gave him a hand for a wilful creation of the DUCK, Obama emboldened and introduced another programme, this time for parents of the “dreamers”, which was named DAPA.

The courts have left from it a stone. On the tube there was one DUCK.

Under this program, illegal immigrants, enrolled in the “visionaries,” received protection from deportation and two-year work permit, which after that period was extended.

Now the Department of homeland security (DHS) announced that it would no longer accept applications for admission to DUCK. “Dreamers” can use the existing work permit until its expiration. Those whose permits expire before March 5 of next year can renew them manually for two years. They must apply for an extension until October 5.

In other words, trump did not stop the program suddenly, and stretched her out and essentially kicked this burning firebrand Congress, which can either to do away with the DUCK (but probably don’t, because most Americans regret the “dreamers” and don’t want) or some form to keep her alive.

Now the adopted decision was preceded by months of debate in the White house. On the one hand, trump went to the polls with a promise to cancel the DUCK, but in his heart he not immigration however, and the Republican elite treats illegals much more tolerant than the rank and file members of the party.

Finally, although the Democrats now speak darkly of the coming of the era of mass deportations, wholesale deportation of young people who often grew up in America and the other country does not know, would be extremely unpopular in the country, and therefore it will not.

Trump was thinking seven months and hesitated to be even longer, but it was stimulated by the fact that several Republican States like Texas in the summer warned that they are going to challenge DUCK in the Federal courts. Predict that they probably would have won, especially as trompowsky the Ministry of justice would not defend the program in court. If the courts acknowledged the edict of Obama on its establishment unconstitutional, the DUCK would be terminated immediately.

That Trump didn’t want it, “I do not want” himself announced the cancellation of the DUCK, which last long.

The opposition reacted violently. The leader of the Democrats in the House of representatives unctuous millionaire Nancy Pelosi called the decision of the administration to trump’s “shameful display of political cowardice” and “a disgusting attack on young people across America.”

Now some of the democratic States are going to sue the administration in court and, apparently, put forward the following argument: in response to promises of more government not to prosecute young illegal immigrants innocently gave him their names and addresses, and it will now use this info for catching them. Poluchaetsya that it is unlawful lured them into a trap.

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