Where does freedom of speech

Where does freedom of speech

Music history

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Maestro Dennis Prager is not among the great conductors, whose names at all on hearing, who collects full halls, whose concerts are covered by leading media. But he became a celebrity after he was invited to conduct a Symphony orchestra Santa Monica.

Maestro Dennis Prager

Can a conservator to conduct the orchestra?

Was the title of an article by Dennis Prager, posted on the Internet. The article caused a storm of responses. The occasion was the invitation Prager to speak at a concert in Walt Disney hall. Orchestra Santa Monica is mostly made up of volunteers, lives on donations, and musical Director Guado label was hoping that the guest conductor will help in fundraising.

But a group of musicians responded with a boycott: Prager opposed to liberal ideology, and in free spirit, California, he is persona non grata. The mayor of Santa Monica Kevin McCain said: “I will not come to the concert with the participation of preacher of hate”. “New York times” joined the debate: “Many refused to play for fundraising, arguing that allowing Prager, who believes that gay marriage could lead to polygamy and incest, like his other statements, would be tantamount to the support and normalization of discriminatory prejudice.” What’s the truth! Prager an active participant in media discussions, he actually wrote: “If America has a constitutional obligation to ensure equal rights in marriage, then there is a compelling case not to allow polygamy or marriages between brothers and sisters, parents and older children”. The position of Prager “the times” considers a society divided. Prager reasonably asks: “whether he has Divided society more than Obama?”. Or, we add, Hillary Clinton, continues eustochium country battle, or leading media, which are unable to forgive Trump that he had won their “Twitter”?

“Los Angeles times” published an article by Michael Hiltzik, the essence of which: Prager himself to blame, by politicizing their activities. In other words, shut up and stay out of print, even if waving a wand. Hiltzik calls Prager pravachol, but against superactivate leftists in the culture he has no objections. NPR accused Prager is that he criticizes multiculturalism, Muslims and gays. Freedom of criticism is not disputed, it is only necessary to think, whom to criticize.

I’m not familiar with Prager, was not at his concerts, but sometimes I read it and listen to the radio. Writes and speaks no tantrums and clown, firm belief. The day of the tragedy in Las Vegas in spite of the protests argued that the right to arms is inviolable. He considers himself a victim of censorship, the ban on the profession, but it requires to deprive the work of team managers and players not respecting the national anthem and flag. Prager considers them idiots, but idiots are always more talkative than smart, and that’s no reason to deprive them of words. And how to understand who’s the bigger idiot today? This discussion is another proof that common sense is equally no and left, and right.

Prerovska story made me think about my own personal experience. In the party battles in America I’m not, have never voted, most Americans ignore the elections. I believed that the ban on the profession is the past: fascism, communism, era of McCarthyism, but there are in America today, special circumstances, limitations, especially in education and media. I learned that about my views, unfashionable, illiberal, better to keep quiet in the classroom and in communicating with colleagues. Prager believes liberalism is cancer, my diagnosis mildly – a symptom of suicide. Unlike Prager, I was lucky – the boss and colleagues do not read in Russian, and “New Light” to my notes is tolerated…

Surprisingly, epic Prager has a happy ending. Typically, administrators yield to the pressure of media and minorities (minorities in California already not the minority). But the scandal has benefited – all the tickets were sold out, Prager conducted the 51st Symphony of Haydn, the audience gave a standing ovation, Prager took up the accordion and hall together sang “America the beautiful.” God Bless America!

Who can and who can not

Political activism by celebrities is the rule of conduct is good for the PR, advertising, strengthens the self-esteem of the stars, increases ratings and circulation. The attitude of the public is contradictory: on the one hand, respect, on the other – an idiom “brainless celebrities” in wide use.

Liberals are concerned about the mental health of footballers, boxers and other gladiators of the entertainment regularly receive injuries, but when they put on a show during the anthem or the flag raising, their opinions taken seriously, even the President and the court have to react. Hollywood stars ever case will not miss to make a cool statement; it is not clear that the public is more: the sexy look or the scandal said. Every rapper is convinced the right abusive to Express their attitude to reality. Sometimes quite adequate and artists create confusion with their stage statement. Billy Joel recently took the stage at Madison square garden with a yellow star on the costume. In the Jewish community schism: a protest against the wave of anti-Semitism or profanation of the great tragedy in the name of self-promotion?

There was once a consensus all have the right to freedom of expression. Dominated by a Maxim attributed to Voltaire: “I hate your views, but I give my life to you freely to Express it.” Today, other customs: the opponent, dissent is the enemy, a fascist, a socialist (of the situation), it has no place in the shining city on the hill.

Politics dominates the ethnic groups and religion. I go in the Orthodox and reform synagogue. The rabbis became political activists, preaching propaganda. According to PEW, in 15-20 years the majority of American Jews are Orthodox, not because the reformists and atheists will increase in faith, and because of the fact that liberal Jews do not want to burden themselves with children. But the voices of Orthodox-conservatives it is not heard, and if they write and say, how about reactionaries, dorky. Although many are competent in the Affairs of the exchange and the market more than in the Torah. Jewish unity and mutual support exists only in the minds of anti-Semites.

The Christian solidarity no more: die-hard evangelicals, “born again Christians” do not drink tea with the brethren in Christ, ready to forgive indiscriminately. For and against trump, gay marriage, women priests, abortion, the sale of weapons, the new immigrants… the Only thing that is common in many congregations, – more music, not liturgical, preaching and driving out reflection.

Classics and politics

About the musicians of the classical genre need to say much. Unlike the heroes of hip-hop and pop, is usually educated, thoughtful people, communicating with Bach and Mahler requires intelligence and depth of feelings and judgments. Toscanini, stern, Menuhin, Masur, Barenboim, Rostropovich, Temirkanov, Gergiev, Matsuev, Bashmet, Kremer, Kissin – the list goes on – have played a significant role in public discourse.

You can argue how this combination of activity is advisable, genius and evil, alas, sometimes compatible. Among the artists were and are nationalists, supporters of Nazism, authoritarian regimes. Wagner, a brilliant composer, was in many respects a forerunner of fascism, an ardent anti-Semite. In the letters of Tchaikovsky is anti-Semitic prejudices.

Many artists, including bright musicians served as agents of socialist realism, suppressing deviation from party directives. In Stalin’s time the members of the creative unions wrote to colleagues denunciations more often than their less talented counterparts. In the new, free time was this: Virtuosi Bolshoi theatre has decided creative disputes with acid in the eyes of the opponent…

Contrary to politically correct platitudes, knowledge and talent can’t always bring people together with different views. You may recall the ill-fated “death of Cliffhanger” at the Metropolitan Opera, the plot of which is an attempt “to give the word and understand” the Arab terrorists who seized a tourist ship and threw overboard the old Jew in a wheelchair. Though Opera is mediocre, and the set was only for the sake of political correctness and PR, she caused a lot of vzaimosvyazi and hostility.

Classic increasingly politicized. Many performances of Russian musicians today, as during the Cold war, are political connotation, sometimes with noisy demonstrations. Here is a nice exception: in Merkin hall by the “Alash ensemble” from Tuva, throat singing and the costumes are not on Russian stereotypes, and where Tuva, who all were delighted, there were no ideological differences.

Add nothing nor the music, nor the world concerts in support of the parties in political battles. Another thing, when Isaac stern was able to raise public opinion on the salvation of Carnegie hall. Or conductor Gustavo Dudamel, leader of the movement for the mass involvement of young people to the classical art, illuminated music, the lives of hundreds of thousands of children.

Classical music is going through difficult times: many orchestras, ensembles, halls reduce the repertoire and frequency of performances, hip-hop, rap, electronics deafening and stupefying the young generation. In the days of John and Jackie Kennedy in the White house were masters of the classical genre; Barack and Michelle Obama chose artists hip-hop; the musical tastes of Donald and Melania trump, and the couple Clinton expressed enthusiasm about the musical “Hamilton.” Concert on the occasion of the national celebration sometimes invited yo yo MA, but stars are Beyonce and her colleagues.

Great music and its performers have endless possibilities to convey your thoughts and feelings. Who engage in propaganda, calling for the barricades, and without them in abundance.

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