When you do not want to go to school

When you do not want to go to school

Crafty tricks

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Dr. David hill with some embarrassment she recalls how in school enthusiastically watched the popular 1980’s movie “day off Ferris Bueller” (Ferris Bueller’s ‘s Day Off) c very young and very charming Matthew Broderick in the title role.

This cult teen Comedy. Broderick plays a high school student who stays away from school. He left a whole Arsenal of tricks that allow you to simulate different ailments. David hill is now condemned myself for admired the scene in which Ferris diligently licks his palm. Why? To become wet, which could pass for a symptom high temperature.

Why is she now ashamed of sympathy for Ferris? First, because in his specialty he is a pediatrician and he often has to deal with a potential small simulators and to decide sick or faking to skip school. And secondly, he himself had four children of school age, and the dilemma brings to mind Ferris Bueller, occurs not only at work but at home. Hill had a lot of experience on the part of the alleged exposure of patients and, conversely, confirm the ailments that children complain. And he willingly shares his knowledge with parents.

So, a few typical situations.


“My head’s killing me,” the groaning 12-year-old Vick. Distrust is misplaced here: what if the girl really something very wrong. Do not believe – then he will not forgive yourself.

Hill emphasizes that children are very difficult to describe the degree of pain they experience. Therefore, doctors use the method, which is called a wonder – “Wong-Baker Faces Pain Rating Scale”. But really it’s just a series of pictures depicting children’s faces with different facial expressions – from smiles to a desperate roar. You need to choose the one that most corresponds to your feelings. There is another way to check is easier. If the child all the time sobs, closes his eyes, doesn’t want to play and joke, it’s a reason to be suspicious and maybe not allowed in school. When the pain does not let go

an hour or two, when not helping medication, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen, so it should be about school, to forget, and to go to the doctor. Or even to the emergency room in the case, when it is difficult to turn my neck, to walk and talk about something to think.

But, fortunately, such extremes don’t happen often. Usually the headache goes in an hour or a little more, and then you can either hold the baby day house or even bring to school, but later.

And when you see what just ahassee pain child eats and enjoys watching TV, but still complains of head, say: “come on, let’s go to the doctor.” In many cases, the message miraculously heals.

My stomach hurts

Often the information is confirmed with symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. Then, of course, about any school, no question. But if the 10-year-old gosh just stays in the stomach and says that he is in pain, it is necessary to look more closely. Stomach pain stimulates the nerve that connects the gut with the brain. In this case, slows the heart, pale skin and moisturized, increased salivation, narrowed pupils.

One of the surest ways to see how a son or daughter eat Breakfast. If they are, as usual, gladly devours your favorite pancakes, then most likely, it’s not so bad. And it is possible to send to school.

I feel I’m burning

High temperature – this is the right chance to sit at home. However, different schools call different critical figures in some 100 degrees, in other 101. Some places require that, even when the temperature drops to normal, the child at least for a day refrained from appearing in class.

“It might be the right criteria,” says Dr. hill. Because the temperature is something objective and measurable, and if it is higher than expected, the child still cannot do effectively.

But is it possible to fake the records? “It’s not easy, but possible,” said hill. How? Leave such well-known schoolboy tricks, how to wax the tip of the thermometer with salt. There are more simple tricks. It is known that hot food and drinks warm mouth. Therefore, if you suspected a trick, wait 15 minutes after eating before you measure the temperature. The same with physical activity. If the child is hot from running or exercise, ask to lie down for 20 minutes.

Don’t rely on the palm as a measurement tool. Some moms apply it to the forehead of the child, and exclaim: “Oh, you’re on fire!”. Only use a thermometer, preferably such that is placed in the oral cavity.100 degrees Fahrenheit is a signal for concern.


Infections of the upper respiratory tract – the most common cause of absenteeism. And, as a rule, they are accompanied by cough. Of course, it can be simulated. But the trained ear of the physician or parents to tell the difference. This cough may be heard the sound emitted sputum. In addition, the young make-believers sometimes forget that for credibility need to cough constantly, and this “punctured”.

But a genuine cough or fake, to school you can still go, of course, if there are no other alarming symptoms – high fever, headache, hoarse.

Hard to swallow

70 to 80 percent of irritation of the throat caused by viral infections. And that’s no reason not to let children to school, unless, of course, but otherwise they’re fine. The remaining cases are caused by bacterial infection, often streptococcal. And then you need at least 24 hours to take an antibiotic before returning to class. But how to recognize “strep” or something else? If the child has no temperature, and his voice was probably all because of the viruses, and then it is possible to go to class.

Still, the best way is a swab. Even the most experienced doctor cannot make the right conclusion “by eye”, asked wider to open a mouth and say “Ah”. “Forget what you were talking about the redness in throat, swollen glands and white patches on the tongue,” recommends parents Dr. hill. Smear in 98% of cases will show what is actually happening in the child’s body. And takes no more than five minutes to get the result. And then you make a decision – either to school or home under the covers.

I don’t feel

This is the most vague condition. It could mean anything: the desire to “popularity”, to lie in bed instead of go to school. And it may be a harbinger of some serious diseases. Therefore, children’s statements about the ailments should be treated with caution, not to dismiss them as evidence of the simulation and to joke about the “inflammation tricks”. Or rather will be checked by a doctor.

But sometimes it is enough parental common sense. “In my house, when someone insists that will not go to school, I invite the children to give me at least one objective symptom, says Dr. hill. – “You have a fever? You throw up? – I ask. – No? Then go to school. And that is not for yourself, then you’re still going to feel it, whether in the classroom or at home.”

If simulation becomes a habit

Let’s be honest: few of the children rushing into the school. But most gets used to it, as not too pleasant, but inevitable part of life that is not negotiable. Useless to argue, but avoid anyway you want. And then there is the temptation to fantasize, to invent some kind of illness. Understandable and forgivable act. Sometimes the little malingerers are some more deeply hidden motives. But in any case they can be trapped in the habit of systematic lies.

What looks innocent slyness at a tender age, may lead to more serious consequences as the child Matures. Lying has a tendency to grow like a snowball. There is also a myth: it goes away, the child will grow up and realize what was happening, and get rid of bad habits. No, in many cases it won’t work. Parents, it is important to understand what happens to the child, and in time to intervene. Say, a child being bullied in class, he is afraid to report bullies and to bring upon itself a new torment. Instinctively he prefers to sit at home and begins to cough hard to find a reason to hide from abusers. Or even no persecution. Just in class, he feels uncomfortable, afraid of ridicule, can not make friends. Or not sure that will cope with the upcoming test. Better stay home. And for this we have to resort to cheating.

How to respond to moms and dads? Before you give vent to anger, remember yourself as a child and admit to yourself: if you did not happen to fool adults? Most likely, it happened…

How to determine that children lie?

It is a difficult task, but there are some signs that are worth paying attention to. For example, the expression of the face. When children tell the truth, the facial muscles are relaxed, and when you lie, you feel inner restlessness, which affects the face.

Do not show too much zeal in their investigations and do not gloat that managed to expose the imaginary invalid. Let them know that you’re upset, but don’t say something like “you’re so bad!”. Of course, you should not leave the incident without attention. But at fault, the pretender should be clear that you condemn his actions and not him. In some cases when the child is systematically comes up with fake ailments, it is necessary to show its experts. Pediatricians distinguish different situations: just “pretense” when the child is cheating for obvious benefits, or “disorder in the perception of the facts” when the symptoms are falsified, but the kid can not explain and probably did not know why he did it. There are even some anomalies when coined in trouble with his health over time in the perception of the child’s be real, though actually based on no ailments. So do not rush to call a child a liar, don’t fall into righteous anger, not threaten punishments. The next time your child will look for better ways to hide the truth, and you have even more tormented by mistrust and suspicion. After all, in the end, we want our children to love truth and not fear it, and hated a lie, and not the punishment that it brings.

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