Japanese scientists in the study found that overweight women before pregnancy provokes excess weight and their teenage children, and they face dangerous diseases.

Overweight women before pregnancy greatly increases the risk of obesity in her child in the future, particularly in adolescence, according to Japanese scientists from Kyoto University, writes Science Daily.

Experts have studied the data about the health of 1581 pairs mother-child and tried to identify the relationship between excess weight of the mother before conception, the body weight of the newborn and how subsequently will form the figure of a child up to 15 years.

It is noted that the relationship between the weight of the child at birth and his weight in the future could not be established. However, the researchers determined that if a woman before pregnancy was a complete, this factor increased the likelihood of weight gain her baby to adolescence in 2.4 times.

It was also revealed that if the child is already 3 years has a weight problem, the likelihood that he will suffer from obesity by the age of 15 4.2 times higher than children with normal body mass index.

Scientists warn that obesity in childhood may increase the risk of premature appearance of chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and increases the risk of death in adulthood.

Experts offer to change the whole family eating behavior of the child in the future do not suffer from obesity.

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