Belarusians create a “financial pyramid” in it?

Remember: if you want to be (or appear to be) fashionable, advanced and rich, immediately add to your vocabulary the terms “investor”, “blockchain”, “crypt”, “venture”, “credinvest”, and even “tokens” with the “stock” da “ICO”. All modern image of a successful person is willing. Approximately lure new adherents to the “first people’s messenger.” He had to smash to smithereens Telegram, Viber and WhatsApp, to make billions of dollars and conquer the world. But something went wrong, writes

The project of the century

You probably never heard of Gem4me. This is the messenger that was to earn billions and kill all the competitors. At least so say the authors of the project. Its history began back in 2014, just a year later Telegram. However, then it was just a Gem.

The point is simple. Gem4me, as well as other instant messenger allows users to exchange text and voice messages. According to the authors of the project, they want to do something like WeChat, but not for the Chinese but for all.

But there is a feature in Gem4me you can invest. There are stocks that can be bought in packages of 135 euros and more. As soon as the messenger attains the database of 200 million users its promise to sell a large Corporation (like Microsoft) for $ 12 billion (when it all began, the amount stated less than half). The money should be divided among the investors. Those who invested EUR 135 can count for 1260 euros, and so on.

There is mnogoraundovaya system to attract customers, statuses like “gold” or “platinum President”, leadership, payments, and so on. However, currently Gem4me changes inspired by the time. So, instead of the stock that seems to be over, I prefer to speak of the tokens of the trading platform, whose roots also go from Gem4me. But this particular.

As the company owns the rights to the messenger, at various times indicated that GEM Technologies Ltd., that Gem Technologies Applications Ltd., the MARKETSPACE CUSTODIAN SERVICES LTD., then GEM4ME CUSTODIAN SERVICES LTD., the Gnetwork, the GEM4ME HOLDINGS LTD., then Gem4me Group of Companies. Registration for offshore companies in Belize, Malta, the Seychelles and the Marshall Islands.

The most interesting thing in the project that develops it one of the largest Belarusian IT companies.

Be like Telegram

But let’s see what is Patriotic “killer” of all messengers. Could it be a decent product? What’s the difference that instead of 200 million users of the messenger supposedly 10 million installations of the app (note, not the users, namely, plants)? Just think, every year promises to sell the technology for 6, or $ 12 billion, but so far it is useless. What? Suddenly before us a cool product which just a pleasure to use and which to write off the trash “telegram”, “fibery” and “wotsap”? Here he is, sides warm in the App Store and Google Play.

Immediately downloadable, to see how Gem4me was going to kill the competition. The iOS app already has a version number 3.19.74. A modest setting — no security, no privacy, no advanced notification. There is practically nothing that even has Skype.

Allow an application to synchronize it with a database of over 600 contacts. Of them there were four users Gem4me. One colleague, who established messenger at the same time with me for tests. A couple of dubious characters, with whom we had contact while working on the notes on the two fraudulent entities. Fourth — the Chairman of the TC of the neighboring house (that’s the twist!). However, judging from the network activity, even they opened Gem4me from two to six months ago.

I correspond with a fellow Gem4me really allows you to send and receive messages. There’s a weird stickers. You can send the file. However, not all, as promised, and only a photo, plus contact and locations. In General, the messenger, who seems to be supposed to replace other apps, not even half of the functionality of the current fellows.

Although there is a “unique feature” — Marketspace, the tokens of which the authors of the instant messenger just now and sell. Placed there a few rare users Gem4me ads about selling stuff. You can buy in the village of Askiz, Khakassia, apartment for $31 thousand. Or icon Komsomolets for $155. More precisely, how to buy — get in touch with the author of the ad. It works slowly, with long downloads and subjectively illogical ergonomics.

In General, Gem4me looks like a hastily made app with basic functionality of any messenger the heyday of “ICQ”. In this case, it’s time to look at the project on the other hand, is much more real and tangible.

Messenger undercover

Do not use Gem4me easily. But try not to take the opportunity to capitalize on it. “The messengers and the marketplace is a multibillion-dollar business! Now you can cash in on this highly profitable market!” — invite owners Gem4me on one of the sites of the project.

Become part of a team Gem4me seems to be difficult — you can register only putting real nick party. Actually drove into the appropriate field the most common in Russia the name in Latin — “recommendation” worked, register not want.

But first on the website of the project will pique interest. Give an example of a few celebrities, add of reviews online grandparents, they talk about the incredible future Gem4me, brag Belarusian developer and, finally, to spur to action, to “time to participate in the venture project”. First, the only, unique, only for you.

One can doubt the word “venture” which means “risky.” But the candid will see in the personal Cabinet. There we are most interested in is not the career plan rewards, affiliate program, value of “stock” / “token” and not even the genealogy of the partners, and the document. Here it is one called simple “Agreement”.

It is not necessary to be seven spans in a forehead, to understand the riskiness of the venture. It’s already on the ground best personal Finance direct text says that the acquired tokens may not have values, they can not return or sell, and the buyer could lose everything spent to purchase the money — still the owner of the messenger has the right to dispose of the proceeds at its discretion.

“Without the offer of securities, commodities, or swaps. Selling MS MS themselves Tokens and Tokens are not software, securities, commodities, swaps, securities or commodities or financial instruments of any kind. Buy and sell MS Tokens are not protected by any laws regulating these types of financial instruments” — honestly say the authors. And even warn that the token is not intended for investment, and indeed there are no guarantees and never will.

In fact, in plain text, “investors” say that for their money they buy nothing that is not traded on the stock exchange and has no value. No one guarantees anything and is never responsible if you lose your money. Want something to challenge? Welcome to the court of arbitration of London, and don’t forget to hire lawyers.

Have you seen how people live in Switzerland? Think about your children and grandchildren!

Greatest invention of the century of information technologies — webinars. No, to remove pretentious and not very halls are still possible, but much easier to collect new souls over the Internet. Turned on the microphone and began to broadcast about the happy future and a terrible present.

Journalist Onliner knew hear, but still took part in this motivational webinar. I must say, the participants gathered a lot under 200. Of these, only three from Belarus — I and two grandparents. The majority of students from Russia and for some reason Kazakhstan.

Rhetoric is a standard for all similar projects. Given the advanced age and retirement, a contingent of students, leading first mentions the Bible, then urges everyone to get rich, and in the end shows a motivational video with a happy grandmothers who due to Gem4me turn their millions and photos billionaires who did not even graduated from high school.

— Have you seen how people live in Switzerland, Singapore, Japan?! And we live in poverty! Because while some countries are stuck in the past, others are coming up with the time and rely on IT! You have children, grandchildren? Then immediately listen up! You’ll still think and argue?! You want or not, so your investment will bring you profit in the rich countries?

You have financial problems? Then I don’t understand why you don’t do anything?! Remember — not gods pots. Even the government encourages venture financing. I’ll show you your benefits and your money.

Such is the standard psevdopotentsiala MLM molasses, designed mainly for older people and affect their most painful issues.

We helped Google! We compete with Amazon! You will receive superbusty profit!

Back to a couple of grandparents from Belarus, who participated in the webinar. Interesting to talk with people — what they think about Gem4me what purpose they serve? One did not respond, but another willingly volunteered to talk.

If you believe the VK, male 69 years. Former soldier, married, living in Lida, on his page in the social network actively Forsyth Gem4me. With photos a confident look into the future looking older man with the jubilee medal “100 years to the Armed forces of the Republic of Belarus” and the St. George ribbon on his lapel mustard color. The conversation in VK promises a lot of riches and leads to the proposal from the interlocutor to communicate with him through Skype (I wonder why not using Gem4me?). Sometimes the connection was not very good, but the conversation went funny (the audio is in the editorial Onliner).

— Thanks for the video! All looked. I have a couple of questions left. The agreement stipulated that the payments will only when the messenger sell. And before any dividend is not? All right?

— And should not be! Meaning-what? This is a venture product. That is, all of us together, people, investors, investing a little bit, and then sell 100-200 times more expensive and get superbusty profit.

— According to the news, to sell the messenger started back in 2015. And every year claim that sell. 5 years have passed, and still nothing. As it so turned out that the yard is 2030, and I not what profit and your money back will not receive. That is the question — will I be able to withdraw at least your money if I feel something is wrong?

— So… Let’s do this… Now I have to tell you. You computer or phone? With phone? Ah, the bad, and then I did screen sharing. And you are exactly on my link created?

— Yes, there is a check (actually not — was recorded on another link. — Approx. Onliner). But I wonder, since we are talking about stocks, I get some kind of certificate?

Yes. Sure, sure, sure, sure. Will be the certificate of our total sample. All who bought, all have certificates.

— What the certificate says? Bought it stock? Stocks from international companies, which are traded on any stock exchange?

— There’s a market, but to sell stock to large investors. And we are the co-founders. We are, therefore, co-owners of this product.

So does this mean I will be able to sell your shares if you decide to get rid of them and get my money back? I will be able to sell them on the exchange?

— In any case! In any case, no one to sell now can not. In 2015, when we wanted to sell the app over 6 billion, we, the investors, asked will sell or not. We all understood what it said — no, will not sell for 6, we will continue to work, will do messenger.

And we were joined Google, and as much as 2 or 3 years helped us, and made the messenger cool. Already the mobile app and messenger. And connected Google to us, helped make…

— Clear… joined Google and helped. So why can’t I sell the shares? In this same sense — I can buy them and sell if you want. It may not be action at all? Can permission of the national Bank just gone and sold something else? What’s the problem?

— Here we talk about the sale of the shares never went and probably never will go. Just because these shares are constantly increasing in price… If yesterday we were able to sell $ 6 billion to the stock received thousands (or dollars, or percent. — Approx. Onliner), now we will have 10 thousand!

— As well as the shares rise in price, if they are not on the exchange?

— Uhhh… Mmmm… you Know, it is a venture project… Users to date, 10 and a half million… That’s… Opened stores in marketspace sell in this store…

Shop before steep that competes with Amazon. Here!

Okay, so where is growing the stock price, if there is no exchange? Where to watch the share price?

You win 100-200 times! When will be selling.

— I understand that in the future when you sell everything will be in chocolate. But today — how and where to grow the stock? Where’s the auction going? After a year you have not sold this messenger, and I want to get my money back. Where am I supposed to carry these actions and how do I get my money back?

— Well, if you wait a year, it’s too much. We are waiting for the sale here. Because the initial stage of manufacturing, testing, and modifications, and reconstructions of the messenger have passed. And now we reached the finish line specifically for sale. And messenger now entered the market with $ 20 billion, with just 10 million subscribers. The more client base, the more expensive messenger.

We expect that in a few months, subscribers will be 50 million. And once the price of the messenger will be 200 billion.

— Wait, but in fact had stated that the sales and over 6 and over 12 billion need to gain 100-200 million subscribers. Now only 10. So where selling for 20 or even 200 billion?

— When I was 3 years ago was engaged in downloads, the customer base was only 2-3 thousand. I pumped, gave a thousand downloads. And now is snowballing, so to speak in a geometric progression the number of downloads. And further, the faster and faster the number of downloads.

— It is clear. In General, talk about the sale coming a long time ago, but sales still no. The question of saving my money. If you’re invested, you want to be sure that you will be able to return the money. Exchange no, to sell the shares and not the money I lose, right?

Well, whew… I Have a big team, there are promotions that increase the value of the stock. The more shares, the higher the ratio. All my partners I am helping to purchase shares of various options. A if in doubt, invite other partners, who are happy to buy shares. They earn the gift shares and the accumulated money in the account to spend in stocks. Nobody prints money!

Here is a young man who took 135€, bought two shares and became friends to invite. He has accumulated 135 euros, he bought the shares. Again began to invite again bought shares. As a result, for two weeks bought shares for 1.5 million euros.

— You have a lot of partners in Belarus?

— (Long silence.) I have partners on the one hand 1159, and on the other hand — 511. In the sense of left-right. I’ve been in this business for 2000 days. Started from scratch… And you know who has Viber done?

— I know. In General, frankly — I have the impression that this is some kind of Ponzi scheme.

And I first you only hear about the opportunity to sell shares. All just trying to acquire them! It’s participation in business, sociedada!

The shares of profit obtained from 2000 to 200 000%! A common stock — there are 2, 4, 5, maximum 20%.

— Listen, well download messenger. And I see none of my contacts are not there. Zero people from nearly thousands of contacts. About what is selling for what billions you can say?

Well, see… On these issues, I can connect a woman, she understands all these issues.

In the future, the communication quality was very bad, and reason to continue the conversation with the pensioner Lida was not. Although the man does not miss — called to aid a few people tried to organize a group call according to the belief of a potential victim, wrote to Skype and VK, really wanted on the referral link to register a new adept with a thousand dollars in his pocket. Despite all the efforts, the money we give away did not.

Ask questions. Remain unanswered

Well, why not finally ask all the questions directly to the team Gem4me. On the website you can see an appropriate specialist — Director of marketing Gem4me Catherine. Who does not like the expert on the promotion of the project to know everything about it?

Asked to answer the following questions:

1. First the information of the messenger appeared in 2014. Then it was called Gem. Today, however, the company somehow decided to count the existence of the project in 2016, when the Gem was renamed the Gem4me. Why?

2. Among the owners of rights to Gem/Gem4me mentioned a lot of companies that come to replace each other and exist simultaneously. This GEM Technologies Ltd., Gem Technologies and Applications Ltd., and Gem4me Holdings Ltd., and Gnetwork, and Gem4me Group of Companies, Gem4me Custodian Services Ltd. and many others. All of them are registered offshore in Belize, at Malta, the Seychelles, the Marshall Islands. It is argued that this is to protect the interests of investors. What exactly are the benefits for investors bears the laws of the offshore? What is worse, for example, the Russian or Belarusian legislation?

3. How does the company/company to confirm the purchase of shares, and token investors? If there are certificates, where are they registered? If an international company sells shares, and tokens, on what international markets they are traded?

4. Who is the recipient of the proceeds through the sale of the shares and the tokens?

5. Whether the owners of the rights to Gem4me not guarantee not only profit but also the return of investors ‘ funds? If no one ever buys Gem4me, investors lose invested in the project money?

6. As far as we know, the stock Gem4me and Marketspace available for purchase including the citizens of Belarus. Did the owners of the messenger the resolution of the national Bank of Belarus on the implementation of the respective securities?

Catherine said quickly. According to the girl, she is not an employee of the company that owns the messenger and running in the Contracting organization Belarusian developer.

“In this regard, I do not have the information you request, and no authority to represent the owner of the messenger in communicating with the media,” she said.

Maybe the marketing Director Gem4me know the contact authorized to answer our questions? Alas, but no. “I did not disclose the organizational structure of the company, so I don’t know who is authorised to give such information. Try to contact via the contacts on the official website of the messenger,” added the girl.

Well, on the advice of Catherine the questions we duplicated on the e-mail specified in contacts at the main project website. A week passed, but the response letter we never received.

Belarusian trail

This does not mean that the creators Gem4me ignore uncomfortable questions. The network has a manual “work with objections”. However, in response to all the complaints there either not telling, or evade direct answers to specific questions, or manipulate the terms.

Why is the messenger responsible for so many companies registered in offshore zones? No, we don’t confuse the marks! Just offshore sit all the cool IT-company, because they protect their intellectual property receive favorable tax treatment and generally operate at the “best corporate law”! And offshore work according to European laws, and guarantee that you will get all the money when someone will buy the rights to Gem4me.

A financial pyramid? Not a pyramid, and credinvest! You buy stocks, you become co-owner of the company and ever receive benefit for their equity capital. A referral program is needed to expand the audience, because advertising is too expensive.

What? Cheat of downloads? In the App Store and Google Play it’s impossible! Even if you change the SIM card and the smartphone, all the same no matter how many times you may downloaded Gem4me, this will be considered at a time!

Why not start the IPO? Oh, and are doing very well. You have no idea how many companies went IPO and went bankrupt because of this!

Why appreciated messenger 12 billion dollars? The estimated cost of its competitors, looked on Amazon and decided that it was a good and modest price for our innovative product.

They write negative competitors, “garbage” and scammers… Very soon will open an office in the United States… have come a long way… we Have a finished product… we all to be honest… the Developer Gem4me incredibly serious — a very large Belarusian company.

Here is the widespread mention of this Belarusian company and does not render the obvious verdict for the whole project. How do large IT firm, HTP resident-company and, in General, known to almost every Belarusian developer was associated with Gem4me? Whether the Belarusian company is the only developer messenger or involved in and raising money for the project? Why in the Minsk office of the delegation bring “investors” Gem4me and co-founder of the company encourages them to expand the audience of the messenger?

These and other questions we have addressed developers Gem4me. What came of it — read the sequel, which is Onliner will publish very soon.