Volunteer Kasyanov: the Officials of the Ministry of defense no one would have allowed just to pocket 149 million. This is a big scheme, for which there is a President

Kasyanov: In our country established a mafia monarchy, which will not be able to prevent any anti-corruption courts

Photo: Yury Kasyanov / Facebook

The Ukrainian authorities are focused only on earning money and not thinking about how the country to win the war against Russia. On this edition of “GORDON” said the Ukrainian volunteer Yury Kasyanov, commenting on the case of embezzlement of funds in the purchase of fuel for the DoD.

“There is every reason to believe that the Ministry of defence the highest level of corruption. Defense Ministry buys large volumes of fuel, weapons, ammunition, and much more. And everything goes through the sweaty hands of officials who always profited. Procurement for the officials of the Ministry of defense is Klondike, which allows them a very high “climb”. There is another problem. Government contracts given to different companies, backed by friends of the oligarchs, the President and so on. And we in the army and national guard there is some insane amount of vehicles. Because each member who owns it inherited from the Soviet era factory, feels honored to do the armored car for the army. But the thing is that samples of these weapons are not better. They do not think how to win the war, they need to earn it”, – said Kasyanov.

In his opinion, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko involved in actions of officials of the defense Ministry, appearing in the case on embezzlement of funds in the procurement of fuel.

“It is clear that senior officials in the Ministry “earn” money not only for themselves. You need to be aware that the officials of the Ministry of defense no one would have allowed just to pocket 149 million. This is a big scheme, for which there is a President. He appoints Deputy defense Minister, not the Minister. A similar situation in the General staff and machardie. Therefore, the President is responsible for these officials is to his people. It is important that in these structures was his loyal employees,” said the volunteer.

According to him, a fair investigation of this case is only possible if the Ukrainian society will put pressure on the government.

“In our country established a mafia monarchy, which will not be able to prevent any anti-corruption courts. Even if someone and go to jail. There’s the question of the necessity of separation of powers. And so we have a President controls the Parliament and the judiciary, and the Prosecutor’s office and the security forces and the government. The concentration of power in the hands of one clan will inevitably lead to things that we are seeing now. People will give the army the last of the hryvnia, and officials to plunder hundreds of millions, thus undermining our defenses. The President will have to take their people from the defense Ministry, if the company requires a fair investigation of cases of embezzlement in the procurement of fuel,” said Kasyanov.

October 11 National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine detained the Deputy head of the Ministry of defense and head of the Department on suspicion of embezzlement of UAH 149 million in the procurement of fuel. Pre-trial investigation detectives started in September 2016. We are talking about the Director of the Department of public procurement MOU Vladimir Gulevich and the Deputy Minister of defence the General-major Igor Pavlovsky. Just in case are six officials of the Ministry of defense.

The people’s Deputy from the Bloc Poroshenko Sergei Leshchenko said that the criminal case connected with “trade Commodity” to which the businessman Andrei Adamovsky. According to the parliamentarian, Adamovsky is a partner of the people’s Deputy from BPP Alexander Granovsky. Recent involvement in the company denies.

According to “Ukrainian news” officials “trade Commodity” appearing in fact, escaped.

Pavlovsky said that never in my life did not give criminal orders. According to him, the defense Ministry purchased fuel at the lowest price in Ukraine.

12 Oct Solomensky court put the Pavlovsk under-house arrest. The same measure was chosen Goulevitch.

Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak has not excluded that will retire, if the court finds Deputy guilty.

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