Vitrenko complained that he had not paid the award in Naftogaz

For the victory in the Stockholm arbitration relies multimillion-dollar prize, said Vitrenko. Half of the money he was to receive at the end of December 2019, but this has not happened.

Executive Director of Naftogaz Yuriy Vitrenko said that he had not paid a multimillion-dollar award for a victory in the Stockholm arbitration. About this he wrote on Facebook on Tuesday, February 11.

“The terms of his employment agreement I provides for the payment of wages, which includes “award for achievement of significant objectives, the implementation of strategically important projects.” Under the terms of the employment contract the employer was obligated to pay 50% of the premium 30 December 2019, but it still wasn’t done,” he wrote, referring to the head of the Board of Naftogaz A. KOBOLEV.

As said Vitrenko, unpaid wages – it is an administrative offense, and in his case – and even criminal offence (article 175 of the Criminal code).

Vitrenko said that he fully deserved this award, “making the most money that Naftogaz received from Gazprom $ 2.9 billion by the decision of the Stockholm arbitration and signed a new transit contract with guaranteed revenues of 7.2 billion dollars.”

He also added that neither Naftogaz, nor the Cabinet have the right to reconsider the size of its award, without violating the employment contract and voluntarily give up your hard-earned money in favor of the employer he is not going.

“It may be regarded as rather or coercion by the employer, or, given the tradition of corruption in Ukraine as an attempt to stay in the chair, then to use his position to enrich already through corruption”, – concluded Vitrenko and was informed that since February 11 he will appeal to the competent authorities for protection of their legitimate interests and bring those responsible for violation of the law.

Earlier, Naftogaz received from Gazprom nearly $600 million the company paid pay for three months of gas transit the Ukrainian gas transportation system.

It was also reported that Naftogaz is considering new lawsuits against Gazprom. Ukrainian company to start legal proceedings against the Russian on two issues.

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