Vilnius was named the happiest city in the EU

Found the happiest city of the European Union

Eurostat revealed in any city of the European Union are the happiest residents.

The happiest EU citizens live in Vilnius. The relevant data presented on Wednesday, 13 September, statistics Agency Eurostat.

It is noted that 98% of the inhabitants of Vilnius are satisfied with their place of life. Next go to Copenhagen and Stockholm (at the 97% of satisfied residents), followed by 96% for Luxembourg and Vienna.

The level of purity among European capitals is leading Luxembourg – think 95% of the population. Followed by Vienna (90%) and Ljubljana (88%)

The highest quality school in Dublin. So say 83% of the inhabitants of the Irish capital, followed by Nicosia, Ljubljana and Helsinki (79%) and Luxembourg (78%).

The most comfortable public transport, according to the polls, – in Luxembourg and Vienna (88%), Stockholm (87%) and Ljubljana (86%).

Recall, the experts of the London school of Economics and political science found the happiest person’s age.

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