If to allocate land in the illegally annexed Crimea to the veterans of the ATO, and then sell them to the United States, it will help to return the occupied territory. So you can prevent Russia to use the Crimean bridge.

Such opinion on air ObozTV expressed the veteran ATO Eugene Yarantsev. He explained that the land, executed by a soldier, is the subject of the sale.

“You know, I went to the register and said that I had two hectares. I said, “Fine, where?” When I said that in the Crimea, there all lost consciousness, started to confer. According to the laws of Ukraine, Crimea is our territory. Then I have the right to there own two hectares of land. Give them to me. They can be the object of sale and purchase, especially if these acres are under the Crimean bridge, at the entrance to the Peninsula. Crimean bridge in Ukraine, and the earth is . Now imagine that one hundred veterans take 200 acres in the place where the Crimean bridge out to the Crimea. And these two hundred acres from the point of view of international law, are the property of these veterans, and thus the object of sale. Let’s sell them to the United States?”, suggested Yarantsev.

Novoline only kills the sea: the Crimean bridge led to a new problem on the Peninsula

The veteran is sure that the attack can not only tanks, but also money, for example, use fines Gazprom. But the option of allocation of the earth of the Crimea to the Volunteers – this is real, he says.

Gazprom fined, but he was far away, and veterans – here they are. Two hundred hectares in Ukraine, in Miami, in Kerch are a certain amount. And then we forbid to use the bridge that it is unclear why built without the knowledge of the owner of this land,” he added.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

  • May 15, 2018, the occupiers held an official opening ceremony of the automotive part of the Crimean bridge. 16 may, it launched a movement.

  • In Crimea, the continued landslides in the area of the bridge, which can lead to its destruction.

  • During the construction of approaches to railway part of the Crimean bridge were damaged pipes of the local CHP.

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