Vershbow: There’s plenty of evidence that Russia is at war on Donbass

According to him, Russia is trying to convince you that it is completely local

Alexander Vershbow. Photo: dt.ua

Former NATO Deputy Secretary General Alexander Vershbow said that the us “Javelin” is a signal to Russia that she will have to pay a hefty price if placed in the occupied Donbass tanks “without marking” use to capture more territory Ukraine.

The diplomat said on the air of echo of Moscow.

“As NATO does not directly protect Ukraine, then our duty is to support the side that defends itself. But “Javelin” and other means are defensive weapons. It is impossible to carry out aggression. You can’t capture territory. Therefore, they also are intended to deter. In other words, it is a signal to Russia that if that many tanks, which are located in the Donbass will be used in order to capture more Ukrainian territory, the price she will pay for this, will be more expensive”, – he said.

According to Vershbow that although in the Donbas and “there is a lot of tanks that do not have Russian markings, but we understand where they are.”


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“Actually, we are talking about the combination of Russian senior officers, generals and soldiers, volunteers who are veterans of many wars and which is already seasoned and local recruits, which generally, unfortunately, is a very good effect. Now there is even a “Wagner” fighting in a private company,” – said Vershbow.

According to him, Russia is trying to convince you that it is completely local forces.

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