Manufacturers claim that very soon air taxi service will become a part of everyday life.

The aircraft manufacturers around the world compete to see who will release a vehicle with “electric vertical takeoff and landing”. This model from Airbus may soon become quite commonplace in our skies, reports

The invention is called CityAirbus: these taxis run on electricity and are controlled remotely.

Flying taxi something similar on the ground: they, too, can carry up to four passengers in the cabin. But the movement speed is really impressive — the helicopter accelerates to 120 kilometers per hour on distance to 100 kilometers.

The creators hope that in the near future CityAirbus will carry people in cities, allowing them to avoid traffic jams. The driver for the movement is not required — the machine is controlled by multiple controllers remotely.

CityAirbus has four power plants with two engines and two propellers each, and a cabin designed for four passengers. And another advantage — they are virtually silent.

His first flight machine made in Germany in December 2019, successfully passing the test. However, when they will be put into wide operation, is still unknown, according to the publication Time Out.