Ukrainian developers have created a unique supercar

Maximum speed supercar is 350 km/h. the Cost of HIMERA — from 700 thousand euros

Supercar. In Ukraine brought while only a prototype car. Photo: A. Jazowski
Interior. Salon Himera can inlay precious metals. Photo: A. Evseeva

Over the weekend, millions of Ukrainians discussed in social networks photos of the supercar, allegedly domestic production, which is collected near Kiev fans. “Today,” found developers a unique car and found out all the details.

As it turned out, the development of the car, which is already being compared to Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren really were engineers, some of whom are Ukrainians — the company, which was founded by the Ukrainians, but at the moment assemble cars in Spain, in Barcelona. Although the company does not exclude that in the future can move part of production in Ukraine.

“The development of auto HIMERA-Q, from engine to chassis designs, was involved in Ukrainian engineers. And now, the production employs 10 people. To create a supercar, it took two years, although the idea originated five years ago. Created two machines, and now they are tested on closed tracks in Spain”, — told us the co-founder of developer Agnes Evseeva.

According to her, one of the supercars is fully electronic and provides a graphene battery (is the personal development of engineers). Battery is good because in normal mode, charges in 30 minutes and the charge lasts for a thousand miles! But in turbo mode it’s charging in the first eight minutes. “In such a category of electric vehicles we are the first and analogues yet,” explains co-founder Andrew Jezowski.

Interior leather in the car, with elements of natural wood, but at the client’s request may even be inlaid with precious metals. Maximum speed supercar is 350 km/h. the Cost of HIMERA — from 700 thousand euros, depending on configuration and wishes of the client.

But in Ukraine such a car yet. “We brought only a prototype car (model. — Ed.) which is temporarily stored in Cherry. It can be seen at the exhibition at ENEA (June 17-18),” explains us Evseeva. Photos of the prototype of the supercar emerged by chance. “During transport, there was a small accident, and the wing car was slightly damaged. It was necessary to restore the layout in one of the workshops — there is leaked information in the social network, appeared the legend” — told in the company.

By the way, is not the only development from the Ukrainian engineers in Spain. Very soon I plan to show the compact two-door electric KUGEL, 3, 5 and 7 seats. It can be a competitor for the usual Smart. The price is 8 thousands euros.

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