Yulia Zhuravok at the finish snatched third place in the struggle with German.

The Ukrainian biathlon team consisting of Yulia Zhuravok and Vitaly Trush took third place in the single mixed relay at the fifth stage of the IBU Cup.

Our athletes are inferior to competitors in speed, but it was bounced back due to good work on the shooting range. For the whole race our biathletes used just two spare rounds, becoming the best among all teams in shooting accuracy

Interesting was the struggle of Yulia Zhuravok and Germans Stefanie Scherer at the last stage. Both are fast, but accurate shooting. The whole point they spent together and the fate of the bronze was decided on the finish, where the acceleration due to Julia ahead of her rival by 0.2 seconds.

Single mixed relay
1. Norway (0+6) 38:57,7
2. France (0+3) +29,4
3. Ukraine (0+2) +42,6
4. Germany (0+5) +42,8
5. Czech Republic (0+4) +1:10,3
6. Sweden (2+12) +1:45,2

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