Earlier the politician has created an organization for anti-Ukrainian propaganda

SBU. Archive photo

The British Communist Andrew Murray, one of the main strategists of the leader of the opposition labour party Jeremy Corbyn, who had actively campaigned Russian bots, announced in Ukraine persona non grata.

About it reports “Apostrophe”.

Murray for three years denied entry to Ukraine because it is “considered to be part of a global advocacy network Putin is selling Russian lies, especially in relation to the Crimea and the war in the East of Ukraine.”

“It’s not a step we take lightly, and it means that he is considered a potential threat to our national security”, – noted in SBU.

In turn, the newspaper Daily Mail notes that Murray in 2014, created the organization “Solidarity with the antifascist resistance in Ukraine” (SARU) to lead in Western countries, propaganda against the Ukrainian government.After the annexation by Russia of the Crimean Peninsula SARU were used to inform Europe that the conflict in Ukraine is “war conducted by the Kiev government against the people exercising their right to self-government”.

In addition, Murray also said that Kiev in the conflict in the Donbass indulges the desires of the European Union and NATO, and expressed doubts about the Russian involvement in the tragedy with Boeing MH-17 in the Donbas.