The situation developed a few minutes

photo from open sources

The U.S. air force aircraft in the airspace of Syria opened fire on the Russian su-25. About it reports The Independent.

According to unnamed us officials, the F-22 U.S. air force fired several warning shots after Russian su-25 aircraft violated the agreed area of?? operations, created in order to avoid unintended incidents. After the incident, the Russian planes left the area.


  • The Kremlin responded to the U.S. statement on Russian troops in Syria

According to American sources, the situation developed a few minutes as the su-25 repeatedly violated the dividing line. As writes the edition, earlier the Central command of the U.S. air force has indicated that Russian planes regularly invade the area. controlled by American aircraft.

Earlier, Pentagon spokesman Adrian Rankin-Galloway said that the U.S. did not see a significant withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria, despite relevant statements.

“There is no significant reduction in the number of troops after Russia announced their departure from Syria, did not happen,” said Rankin, Galloway.

Earlier, on Thursday, December 7, the Russian defense Ministry announced a complete victory in Syria over the terrorists from grouping “Islamic state”, with the result that the whole country is “fully released”. Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday, December 11, announced the withdrawal of most troops from Syria, where they were from autumn 2015, supporting government troops Bashar al-Assad.