Photo: indiaphotoagency/ Jam Press

The animal has two snouts and two languages, but one body. Due to a mutation, the calf can not have.

In India the calf was born a mutant with two noses and instantly became a local star. About this newspaper the Daily Star.

The animal was born, the farmer Bhaskar in the Indian district of Kanyakumari. Two-faced calf came from one of the cows of Indian. He said he was surprised the calf-mutant.

Due to a mutation of polycephaly the animal has two snouts and two languages, so it can not eat mother’s milk. Farmer daily watering a calf from a bottle.

The mutant immediately became a local celebrity. Basically an animal with such a mutation will die quickly, but there are exceptions. Indian calf until only a week old.

Earlier it was reported that the goat with “human face” did the deity. Also the Correspondent wrote that an optical illusion turned a pet into a “mutant”.

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