Trump has stated that it is not called a third world country smelly holes

The President of the United States Donald trump denies that during a meeting in the oval office, used the obscene word in relation to El Salvador, Haiti and Africa.

Photo: Reuters

Earlier, the opposition Trump media, citing unnamed participants at the meeting reported that trump allegedly called these countries the “stinking hole”.

Trump on Twitter wrote that did not use such vocabulary, they write about the media, against countries of the third world. According to him, he used quite a harsh expression, but not in the paper.

“At the meeting DACA [adopted by the Barack Obama program, “deferred action for child immigrants”] I used harsh expressions, but not like this,” wrote trump on Twitter after the scandal.

While trump did not specify exactly what words were spoken during a meeting in the oval office.

Trump’s statement, which was quoted by the media, immediately sparked a flood of condemning reviews . The UN alleged statement by trump called shocking, shameful and racist.

“Why do we need to come to us all of these people out of stinking holes?” quoting trump, the meeting, among whom were members of Congress from both parties.

The white house previously did not deny these reports.

“Step back”

Meeting in the oval office was dedicated to finding ways to legalize several categories of immigrants.

During the meeting, the legislators talked about the possibility of granting a temporary residence permit in the US for citizens of countries affected by natural disasters, armed conflict and epidemics, according to us media.

According to the American media, the congressmen invited the Tramp to return to the practice of issuing so-called temporary refugee status for citizens of some countries, where to be unsafe. After receiving this status, several categories of immigrants could legally remain in the United States.

Trump on Friday tweeted that if he had accepted the proposals of the legislators, it would be a great “step back”. According to him, the measures proposed by legislators, would lead to the fact that the United States would have to accept a large number of people from poor countries with high crime rates.

Trump explained that he would like to create a new immigration system, under which a residence permit in the USA would be given to foreigners “for services”. Trump believes that this immigration system will help US to move to a new level of development.

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