The US President Donald trump

The official salary of the President of the United States is 400 thousand dollars a year.

The President of the United States Donald trump earned last year, 479 million dollars. This information was published on Thursday, may 16, the independent state Agency − the Office of government ethics, reports TASS.

According to the annual financial statements of trump, at the salary of the President of the United States in the amount of 400 thousand dollars a year he earned 479 million dollars.

Also in the annual report is a mortgage loan received in the Bank in the amount of from five to 25 million dollars. Just trump the number of 14 credits, three of which − amounting to more than $ 50 million.

During the election campaign of 2016, the U.S. leader announced the intention to publish tax returns that contain much more information than statements, but have not done so.

He explained that the checks in relation to your business. Trump said that the lawyers did not advise him to disclose the data in question.

Earlier, the us leader said that during his presidency, has lost a “giant state”, the amount of which he will ever announce.

Trump inherited illegally − NYT

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