TRACKLAM− is the future already today

This crazy digital world

Modern generations live in digital society, which is updated and varies with insane speed. Within one generation the world has changed several times, and in the near future for 60-80 years of human life it will change dozens of times. Any futuristic movie showing the world of our future, shows the life of people on the background of continuous and ubiquitous digital advertising.

The future world is a world of 3D advertising. But is it worth to wait for the future with its attractive prospects, and thus miss the possibilities of modern digital advertising? After today, You can use the benefits of digital technology and digital advertising in order to grow your business.

Look than the predominantly public transport passengers? They are staring at their gadgets and thumb through pages of messages, or their eyes are in monitors installed in the buses, subway cars . Any information that is transmitted digitally and is perceived by a huge number of users, filled with advertising messages.

Users of modern digital content – your potential customers

Digital platform for advertising your products or goods are now so diverse and ubiquitous that not only budding entrepreneurs, but quite respectable firms it is difficult to keep track of all potential opportunities to convey their message to customers. So it makes sense to seek the services of experts from the industry advertising services.

TRACKLAM– Ukrainian online service of the European level for advertisers and owners of advertising platforms − today among the leaders in providing advertising services.

Among the indisputable advantages of the service– ability to choose sites to advertise remotely and manage advertising campaigns in remote mode. Using the service, You have the opportunity to place their ads in transport, buildings and on the street, and soon to be online, on television and radio throughout Ukraine and Europe.

Mastering the world of media advertising along with TRACKLAM, advertisers and landlords receive the new excellent opportunities to grow your business:

Owners of areas are offered:

● to increase the number of new advertisers on their sites;

● remotely without leaving the office, manage an unlimited number of advertising sites;

● track and manage advertising platforms in real-time directly from your online account;

* get detailed statistics advertising space upon completion of the advertising campaign;

● to use the service “Personal Manager”, to entrust the management of your venues to the professionals.



Advertisers are encouraged to:

● remotely to create an unlimited number of advertising campaigns available in the market advertising platforms;

● track and manage advertising campaigns in real-time directly from your online account;

● to use the service “Personal Manager”, trust create and run your advertising campaigns professionals.



I would like to focus Your attention on two important advantages offered by the service. First, in crisis, advertisers are becoming more demanding reporting costs advertising budgets. The service allows You to obtain detailed statistics at the end of the campaign and the use of advertising space. Second, the owners of advertising space can now remotely control them from your online office, using the opportunity to make changes to the advertising strategy based on the reporting.

Join TRACKLAM and create your own successful advertising campaign for Your business.

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