The departure is scheduled in the evening of July 1,


Tourists who are “stuck” at the airport in Batumi from June 30, will fly to Kiev today. About it on Twitter said the head of the consular Directorate of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vasily Kirilich.

“Airline “Bravo” reported that the departure of the aircraft from Batumi to Kiev, which had to carry out flight 30.06 is planned in the evening of 1 July,” he said.

Airline Bravo Podolia scho wilt lthaca s Batumi to Kyiv, yaky MAV bi sdisney flight 30.06., plants hour on evening Kiev on July 1.

— Vasyl Kyrylych (@VasylKyrylych) July 1, 2018.

Earlier it became known that from the capital airport “Kiev” do not fly aircraft “Bravo”, which on Saturday delayed flights and a few thousand tourists can not fly, particularly in Antalya and Batumi.

Earlier flight airline Airways Bravo dozens of tourists were unable to fly to Tunisia.

Recall that part of the Ukrainian tourists, who some days couldn’t leave Tunisia, Saturday morning, June 30, returned to Kiev.

We reported that dozens of tourists are also forced to live in the waiting room of the airport “Kiev”, among them – foreigners. They can’t fly out for the tour. Flight carrier cancels one after the other.

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