Already the Vikings the pre-Christian era sailed under the banner of the black Raven

Photo: Facebook 93rd Ombre APU “Cold Yar”

A flag with the image of the black crow is one of the oldest totemic symbols of the European war.

About it the press service of the 93rd separate mechanized brigade APU “Cold Yar” informs on his page in Facebook.

The team recalled that under these flags floated Drakkar boat Viking pre-Christian era.

With this flag depicts the soldiers in the famous tapestry of Bayeux (IX century), dedicated to the conquest of England and the battle of Hastings.

Photo: Facebook 93rd Ombre APU “Cold Yar”

Under the flag with the Raven today and lining up units of some European NATO member countries.

Photo: Facebook 93rd Ombre APU “Cold Yar”

Visitors of the page of the 93rd brigade also commented on the message on Raven.

As it turned out, the Supreme God of the Nordic Pantheon of Odin on the shoulder of loved to sit with his loyal assistants – the black ravens, Hugin and Munin.