TOP 5 movies from the 90s, breathtaking

These films look at one go

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Frame from the movie You’ve got mail

In the day so I want to lie on the couch at home and watch a good movie. Sometimes you want to watch something from the 90’s. We have made a selection of wonderful films from the 90s that you like.

You’ve got mail 1998

Romantic Comedy with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in the lead roles. They meet to network, communicate anonymously. In life – he is the heir to a large book Empire, and her little book store around the corner, which got from my mom. Funny moments and incomparable acting transferred into a completely different world of romance and love.

“K-911. Dog work” 1999

A great family Comedy about detective Dooley (James Belushi) and his partner – a dog named Jerry Lee. Dooley is left alone after his wife’s death, he and his companion became fat on the job go reluctantly. But then he meets a female COP who has a dog. Great humor and acting.

“Edward Scissorhands” 1990

The old scientist creates a human being. But instead of hands he had scissors. The scientist did not have time to finish this defect and died. Edward gets in a family he was not familiar with the usual family things. Johnny Depp played shy and a bit crazy guy with scissors instead of hands.


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Mr. Bean 1997

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