Makogon on the supply of gas: to think about next winter

Photo: Sergiy Makogon / Facebook

In January, it makes no sense to create an insurance reserve of gas in 2020, said January 14 in Facebook the head of the LLC “Operator of the gas transportation system of Ukraine” Sergey Makogon.

“It is obvious that to create a safety stock for 2020 in mid-January, it makes no sense. But you need to think about next winter. Who will create a supply of gas for the winter 2020/21? Again, the government will oblige “Naftogaz”? If “Naftogaz” has allocated funds for the establishment of such a reserve? Or it could be hundreds of millions of dollars. I personally believe that all market participants should be jointly and severally liable for the creation of a reserve of gas,” wrote Makogon.

Очевидно, что создавать страховой запас на 2020 год в середине января уже нет смысла. Но нужно думать уже о следующей…

Опубліковано Sergiy Makogon Вівторок, 14 січня 2020 р.

According to the published on the website of the Ministry of energy and environmental protection the draft law (“On approval of the amount of insurance reserves of natural gas in 2020”), the government has no plans to create reserves this year. “To establish that in 2020 natural gas suppliers to create a reserve stock of natural gas in the amount of 0% of planned monthly supply volumes supplier of natural gas to consumers for the next month”, – said in the text.