The Ukrainian authorities fix a natural drop in the number of train trips from Ukraine to Russia and back. In this regard, the political decisions regarding the termination of this message, most likely, will not, said in an interview Ukrainian Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian. Train traffic on this route, he said, stops by itself.

In General in Kiev, said the head of the Ministry, such a scenario is supported as a possible ban on movement of passenger trains from Ukraine to Russia and back. Now these areas, recognized Omeljan still in demand, but relatively to a lesser extent. The occupancy rate of cars is constantly decreasing, the Minister added.

“Last year, for the first time in the history of Ukraine the number of trips by rail in the EU countries exceeded the number of trips to Russia”, — said the Omelyan, noting in this regard that the government’s decision to reduce the number of trains in Russia “was absolutely objective.” “To carry the air does not make sense”, — concluded the head of Department.

That passenger traffic on its European routes in Ukrainian trains for the first time exceeded flow to Russia, last fall told the President of the Republic Petro Poroshenko. “Ukrainians choose Europe!” — he announced. According to Ukrainian Railways, it happened after the fact, Kiev has issued a EU visa-free regime.

After that the Ukrainian authorities have repeatedly said about the possible cessation of railway traffic with Russia, and in December last year, the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine introduced to the Parliament a bill (the initiative applies only to passenger transportation, freight it does not affect).

In the Russian Ministry of transport on the statements of Kiev reacted in August 2018. It noted that the already prepared for such actions of the Ukrainian side and even discussed “possible responses”.