To Belarus from Moscow on alert deployed tanks

Tank brigade, under the scenario of doctrines, has moved to combat illegal armed formation

Photo: defense Ministry

The First tank brigade of the Russian army (Moscow) was alerted during the strategic exercises “West 2017”. This was reported on 14 September, the press service of the Western military district of the Russian Federation.

“The personnel of tank units with standard weapons and equipment marched to the railway station of loading, after which the military echelon during the day will be transferred to the area of teaching on the territory of the Republic of Belarus”, – said the press service.

The military said that the intention of teachings received information about the discovery in one of the districts of the Union state of Russia and Belarus of an illegal armed formation.


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“The command of the Western military district, the decision was taken on lifting the alarm the personnel of the separate tank brigade of the First guards tank army, stationed in the suburbs,” – said in the call.

In the district reported that during the exercise Russian and Belarusian tankers to work out issues of interaction and comprehensive support of the troops, modern methods of combat use of units, fight with illegal armed groups and diversionno-prospecting groups of the opponent.


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Recall, according to the exercise scenario, Belarusian and Russian troops will fight with a coalition of fictional countries – Vacherie, Vesperia and Luminii that attack on Belarus. According to legend, Vacherie occupies the Western part of Belarus, Wesbury located on the territories of Lithuania and Latvia, and Lubenia in Lithuania and Poland.

“West-2017” joint doctrine of the Armed forces of Russia and Belarus, scheduled for the period from 14 to 20 September this year. According to official data of the Russian Federation, the exercise will be attended by up to 13 thousand troops, according to Western analysts, up to 100 thousand.

The Ukrainian military leadership has repeatedly stressed that the upcoming exercises can serve as a cover for more aggressive actions from the Russian side.

Exercises “West-2013” allowed Russia to prepare for the annexation of Crimea, and “West-2009” – resulted in the testing of a nuclear strike on Warsaw.

The Kremlin insists that the scripts that are reproduced in these exercises are purely defensive. NATO, in turn, in anticipation of the exercise actively increasing its military presence in the Baltic region.

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