In the political party said that the team of “the Voice” came to Parliament well prepared


The party’s “Voice” spoke out against the quota principle in the election of the heads of parliamentary committees. This was reported today by the press service of political power.

“The key in determining the management structure of the new Parliament and the appointment of effective leaders, parliamentary committees have to be professional, not any political quotas. According to this principle, the party’s “Voice” can offer competent leaders of several important directions of work of new Parliament, where today the first time meeting of the preparatory parliamentary group”, – stated in the message.

In the “Voice” reported that the experts of the political forces who were capable to lead the committees, the scope of which includes issues of justice, national security and defense, economic policy, fighting corruption, healthcare, education, digitization, human rights and reintegration of the occupied territories and the regulatory Committee.

“The team of “the Voice” came to Parliament well prepared and ready to assume responsibility for the daily parliamentary work and strategic perspective. However, we understand the possibility of the parliamentary majority and its responsibility for the appointment of heads of committees”, – said the head of the party of Svyatoslav Vakarchuk.

The party proposes to approach the same principle to the formation of the government.

“Time of formal quotas and political bargaining must remain in the past, successful future for a professional approach”, – said the political forces.

Extraordinary elections to the Verkhovna Rada were held on July 21.

The elections were held under a mixed system: half of deputies elected by the proportional principle of closed party lists and the five-percent threshold, the second half – by the majority. The Parliament shall elect 225 deputies on the lists and 199 in the majority of districts (26 districts are on the Russian-occupied territory, where elections are not held).

On August 3, the CEC announced the final results of the parliamentary elections on party lists, there are five parliamentary parties: “servant of the people” gathered of 43.16%, “the Opposition platform – For life” – of 13.05%, “Batkivshchyna” – of 8.18%, “the European solidarity” – 8,10%, “Voice” – 5,82%.

On 5 August, the CEC declared elected 198 of the 199 candidates. The exception is district No. 210 in Chernihiv region, where re-counted votes.

7 Aug “Golos Ukrainy” and “Uriadovyi Kurier” published the lists of elected deputies of the Verkhovna Rada. These contain the names of the 225 MPs who entered Parliament in multimember districts, and 198 deputies who ran in single-member districts.

According to the representative of the President of Ukraine in the Cabinet of Andrei Gerus, the new Parliament may be convened for a first meeting on 3 September.

Today the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of the VIII convocation Andriy Parubiy shall convene the first meeting of the preparatory parliamentary group from among the newly elected people’s deputies of Ukraine.