They just passed: the immortal explained the sluggish response of the Kremlin in the defeat PMC “Wagner” in Syria

Immortal believes that the Russian government deliberately sent to slaughter their mercenaries

Russian mercenary. Photo: facebook.commod.mil.rus

Moscow framed destroyed in Syria, Russian mercenaries PMC “Wagner” in order to as “the Kremlin list” of the USA has removed a number of entities. This opinion was expressed during the online conference on the website “Today” former representative of Ukraine in the political subgroup of the Trilateral contact group in Minsk (2015-2016) Roman immortal.

He expressed confidence that the issue was discussed by Russian mercenaries and they just exchanged for certain individuals in “the Kremlin list”, released in the United States.

“The list has decreased rapidly in recent days, which was compiled on the basis of the act on the enemies of the United States. The law requires to make such a list, and it does not mean that people included in the sanctions list, will be considered. And in the last days from this list, people began to disappear, and it is obvious that they are simply exchanged for the army (PMCs “Wagner”. – Ed.). And from this sluggish reaction. Military Russia’s leadership just handed them. They just passed. That the US knew about these pieces, obviously, and if would be a different reaction, I would say another phrase. In the emotion estimates and the figures that were announced, I see the attempt to repay all of the information below and change the vector. That is, there are called military units that may not fit the current situation,” – said the immortal.

As reported, became known details of the battle in Syria that killed Russian mercenaries. As it turned out, apart from the loss of manpower, according to various estimates – 2015-600 people, the United States has destroyed more than 10 tanks and three dozen other armored vehicles.

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