In recent years, medicine is developing very rapidly. Some robots have already learned to do surgery, but their tiny cousins is able to penetrate the human body and to deliver medicine to remote places. New abilities get even tablets, for example, recently, scientists have taught them to expand inside the stomach. It would seem that it makes no sense and is even dangerous — but no, the researchers found a lot of useful scripts use them.

Researchers from mit have shown how they created a tiny tablet easily transforms into a soft hydrogel object the size of a ping-pong table. It consists of two parts: absorbent sodium polyacrylate mesh and crystal circuits, which does not allow it to burst in the stomach. The tablet is very durable and can retain its shape for several months.

According to one of the researchers Blue BJ, inside this capsule can carry drugs and even tiny wireless sensors and cameras. They can be used for continuous monitoring of body temperature and diagnosis of gastrointestinal diseases. Also, scientists believe that these pills can help in losing weight — when you filled the stomach of people can feel less hunger .

The efficacy and safety of the pills has been proven during tests on animals. In the stomach of pigs tablet could monitor his body temperature for one month. In the future, the researchers intend to test tablets for dogs and people. They hope the invention will help to create an effective cure against obesity.

Only one question remains: how huge the pill is excreted from the body? The developers have provided a very simple way — to put it in its original form, a person simply needs to drink a solution of calcium. After this tiny pill easily excreted by natural means.

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