“There is no meet, the plane crashed”: the first hours after the crash of An-148

Sunday An-148 “the Saratov airlines”, flying from Moscow to Orsk, crashed few minutes after takeoff from the capital’s Domodedovo airport. About what happened at the crash site of An-148 in Domodedovo and native to the crashed ship Saratov journalists of the Russian service Bi-bi-si.

Semenovskoe: chaos and confusion

First to the crash site of the An-148 reached the inhabitants of the village of Semenovskoe near which the crashed plane.

“A strong whistling in the sky, then falls… We thought it was Zhukovsky who fly, they crashed, and then people went there. There are pieces, fragments, said Bi-bi-si, a local resident Olga. — Here Leh go, she adds, turning to his friend.

“Saw the letter and colon. And yet, nothing more was seen, described what he saw Alexei. — There are shoes scattered, jackets…»

According to Olga, to the crash site managed to get almost all the locals . The wreckage of the plane scattered over a very large area, by happy coincidence, they fell on houses.

“There’s cottages, near the field where he fell,” explained Olga. Her friend Alex adds: “that was close — all.”

Another local resident says that from homes to the crash site about 500 meters: “On the gardens of the rubble some fell.”

The population of the village of Semenovskoe as of 2010 — 63 persons. People on Board the crashed aircraft was more: 65 passengers and 6 crew members. Of them no one survived.

The area where the ship crashed, rescuers traveled for a few hours. They had to walk a snow-covered field to drive could not immediately. Graders and tractors drove later, and then the police blocked the road from Novoryazanskoye motorway to the village of Semenovskoe, and MOE cordoned off the crash site.

Enterprising locals took to the field strewn with the rubble on the snowmobiles detours. The owner of such “taxi” told the correspondent of Russian service Bi-bi-si, that night managed to drive to the crash site, and journalists, and the Deputy Minister of EMERCOM Vladlena Aksenov, who for some reason was walking in the snow alone. From Bi-bi-si, however, no official confirmation of this information.

In the disaster area was a mess, the police stopped on the highway to the village all the cars, not paying attention to the numbers and flashing lights: the correspondent Bi-bi-si saw the policemen refused to pass the black Audi with the government series numbers AMR — usual traffic with such cars does not stop never.

Six in the evening almost all the snow-covered road to Semenov were jammed with emergency vans and police trucks of the emergencies Ministry and Tsentrospas. Arrived on the scene a few hundred cars, but only in the disaster area had about 600 people.

“What is there, you can drive?”— asked the correspondent Bi-bi-si one of the members of the rescue squad — his car was a kilometer away from the village, in the string of other cars. He said that his calculation came from Podolsk emergency management. According to him, the alarm on the site of the disaster sent rescuers from all over Moscow region.

At the entrance to the crash site was chaotic, the crowd of journalists standing on a narrow road waiting for comments from the leadership of the operational headquarters, police and then demanded the release of travel for equipment. On the field the search for the wreckage and victims ‘ bodies were engaged in the rescue. That there are no survivors, already officially announced.

About eight in the evening the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov, the Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov and other officials examined the crash site, went back: the falcons still had to go to the operational headquarters at Domodedovo airport. Again congestion: government motorcades moved to the highway, while the rest of the team continued to pull trucks of the emergencies Ministry.

On a narrow road with three-foot drifts on both sides of the machine went home with difficulty.

The search operation in the area of the crash continued through the night. About four in the morning in Moscow, emergency situations Minister Vladimir Puchkov confirmed that no survivors, and now the emergency situations Ministry and the Investigative Committee to collect the wreckage and fragments of bodies.

Given that the An-148 fell into a snow covered field, its parts were scattered over a wide area, and snowfall Sunday evening only intensified, it’s a very difficult task. Puchkov promised that work at the crash site will be completed within seven days.

Saratov: “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”

At the airport of Saratov, home to “Saratov airlines”, the problems began the morning of 12 February.

The airline lost schedule aircraft, up from four flights — two in Moscow, Kirov and Surgut — was delayed for several hours.

Airport officials were concerned about how to provide passengers with hot meals and place them in the small terminal when from Domodedovo began to come disturbing reports.

To anonymous public Mash and terminated the track of the An-148 on the online map Flightradar24 airport employees initially reacted with distrust. “How many times has this happened, that disappears, and then appears. And then with the connection problems may be too early to draw any conclusions,” soothed colleagues one of the workers of the airport.

Another employee, hearing about the possible collapse of the correspondent Bi-bi-si, has become something fiercely to look in the computer. “What you say flight? In Orsk, 703? So it is only two hours must land, of course, still did not reach simple,” with relief he announced.

After half an hour it became clear that to Orsk disappeared aboard it just will not fly. At the airport a helpless gesture and advised to call the call center, where a never-ending loop played “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”.

“Most news open, where our Board was gone, — said the representative of “Saratov airlines” neighbor at the front Desk. — This morning is this An-148 we have in Saratov was”.

The crashed plane for the past day really have time to fly to Saratov, and Penza and Moscow. Press Secretary of the company Elena Voronova after told reporters that no complaints about the aircraft was not.

Meanwhile passengers are stuck in Saratov, soothed by phone relatives who learned about the disaster from the media.

In a small cafe on the only TV in the terminal was showing the Olympic games in Korea, so occasionally someone from the audience loudly read with phone new details about the crash.

When the bus on the way to the old Yak-42, which is a three-hour delay still flew to Moscow, almost got stuck in the snow, one of the passengers grimly joked: “Then out to the plane will not reach, there is too much”.

The crew Board the “Saratov airlines” looked sad and very focused. After a successful landing in Domodedovo they clapped a bit more than usual.


In the Moscow airport, meanwhile, gathered a crowd of journalists who were hoping to get at least some information about what was happening thirty miles away, between the two villages with similar names — Stepanovskaya and Semenov.

However, except the reporters about the incident, nothing reminded: in the departure hall was not noticeable in the form of people, flights went on schedule.

The appearance of the employee in the form of MES and representative of the press service of the airport was provoked by the press hype, but no new details to learn and failed. Somewhere at the airport worked as an operational headquarters, closed to the media. At the entrance was a parked car of the Investigative Committee, however, the work of this Department for prying eyes too remained invisible.

Did not let the journalists and to communicate with managers: although the investigators managed to do it. Those seems to be said that the takeoff of the An-148 passed in a regular mode, and about any problems the crew to report to the ground did not — the plane just disappeared from radar.

Relatives of those killed in Domodedovo also has not arrived. Many of the passengers departing from Moscow, did not know about the daily disaster — they were surprised to see dozens of cameras, some took pictures and took selfies on their background.

“What, here to meet someone else tonight?”— asked the journalists a young girl.

“There is no meet, the plane crashed,” he answered her.

«What horror! Thank God that’s not mine,” the horrified passenger and went to check.

The interest of journalists was caused passengers “Saratov airlines”, departing from Moscow on an evening flight. Those questions responded with restraint and didn’t seem too worried before departure.

By evening it became known that to the airport from the crash site will arrive the Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov. Within hours of the press patiently waited for his arrival — as has been said, from minute to minute. In anticipation of the official reporters wondered what happened to the plane, over and over again, going through already been made of the problems with the processing of de-icing fluid to collision with other aircraft, and technical failure.

In the end the Minister came, accompanied by colleagues from the Federal Agency for transport supervision, Ministry of health and the Federal air transport Agency closer to 22 o’clock, made a short statement to the media did not respond.

Sokolov said that the first results of the investigation, the government Commission will announce tomorrow. He did not speak anything about possible causes of the crash (“doing before”), about possible sanctions against the aircraft of type An-148 and “Saratov airlines”.

Reporters began shouting questions from the place that Sokolov with a guilty smile said: “dear Colleagues, we agreed that now without question.” However, to the remark about the fate of “black boxes”, the Minister responded: “confirm” that they found in the suburban field, the Ministry of transport until you can.

As told in Sunday’s late in the evening during selector meeting the chief of GUMCHS across Moscow region Sergey Politikin, parametric flight data recorder at the crash site discovered — it contains information about the parameters of the flight of An-148, it will help to determine whether there was equipment failure.

“Investigators will examine all possible versions of the crash, including weather conditions, human factor, technical condition of the plane and other possible scenarios”, — said the official representative of the Investigative Committee, Svetlana Petrenko.

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