Kafelnikov on the performed same functions: Xenia was at a party with a bunch of my friends


22-year-old Russian model Ales Kafelnikov, the daughter of tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov said in Stories Instagram that her friend and coworker, 21-year-old Ksenia performed same functions was beaten and tossed to the house of Bakova Andrey, the grandson of Nikita Mikhalkov January 11.

“Ksenia found naked in the bushes, near the house where she allegedly fell. She had broken legs, ribs. Found her janitor, he called for an Ambulance. Xenia was at a party with a bunch of my friends, whose parents will do anything so no one would know the truth. Drugs Ksenia did not use, so we and her family know what happened and not about what you write. But those who were hated, deny everything. Allegedly she was taken home with a guy, and that’s it. So sorry, praying for her. Xenia remembers nothing except her name…” said Kafelnikov.

In comments to “the Fifth channel” the janitor said that he had heard the sobbing and came closer, I saw a crying girl.

“Somehow you got a name, nothing more. Called an ambulance, waited, took the ambulance and everything,” he commented.

According to him, the performed same functions was dressed in home clothes — a shirt and pants, barefoot. She was in a state of shock — I could not say where he lives. The girl’s leg, as noted by the janitor, was unnaturally inverted.

Orthopedic trauma Konstantin thorn noted that the injuries received performed same functions, characteristic for falling from the third or fourth floor.

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Performed same functions Xenia is a Russian model and actress. She has collaborated with publications Tatler, Vogue, Elle.