The witness of Ephraim said that the security services of the Russian Federation in 2014 brought bags with guns seized the building of Luhansk SBU

According to Nicholas Tsukuru, bags the Russian secret services and handed over to the leaders of Pro-Russian separatists who seized SBU building in Lugansk

Photo: Nicholas Tsukuru / Facebook

Captured by Pro-Russian separatists in 2014 the building of Luhansk SBU were several employees of the Russian special services, who brought the bags. This was in Starobelsk district court in Luhansk region, said a former fighter of ATO and direct witness of the capture of Nicholas Tsukuru, the correspondent of the edition “GORDON”.

According to Tsukuru, the Russian secret services brought into the building of the bags and handed them over to the commander of an illegal armed formation “Army South-East” Alexei Rilke and the future Chairman of the so-called “Supreme Council” “LNR” Alexey Karyakin, who participated in the capture of the Luhansk SBU.

“Went to people in balaclavas and with bags. One of them walked up, introduced himself. And then they with Rilke and Karjakin stepped into the office. Once released, they were already in the hands of AKSU (shortened modification of the Kalashnikov assault rifle. – “GORDON”). I looked in the crust of a person in a Balaclava – it was the employee of the special services of the Russian Federation. When he opened crust, covered your picture and the part names. After that, Rilke said, “Oh, we have long been waiting for,” he told Tsukuru.

The building of management of SBU in the Luhansk region was seized by Pro-Russian fighters on 6 April 2014. The seizure was preceded by a rally with the slogans on the separation of Donbass and its accession to Russia.

During the assault, was taken hostage by the then head of the Luhansk SBU Alexander Petrulevich. Next day brought out of the building Nicholas Tsukuru.

In an interview with “GORDON” Tsukuru told me that did not support the Maidan, but when he personally saw Russian by the FSB in the captured building SBU Lugansk, moved to the Ukrainian side, he volunteered in the ATO, and in October 2014 he joined the specialcompany MIA “Tornado”, and became the Deputy commander.

13 September 2017 Starobelsk district court in the Luhansk region held a regular meeting on the criminal proceedings against the former head of fraction of Party of regions Alexander Efremov. Tsukuru is one of the key witnesses in the case.

At the hearing, Tsukuru said that in 2014 in Lugansk Efremov told him that “after the events on the Maidan Ukrainian government, we will not obey”. In addition, according to Tsukuru, in the Luhansk region, in agreement with Ephraim, was brought 70 thousand passports of the Russian Federation.

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