The USA plans to increase nuclear potential of the Russian Federation

United States of America want to increase nuclear capacity to deter Russia

Photo: AFP

The United States intends to increase the number of nuclear weapons.

Reported by Huffington Post, citing a draft nuclear doctrine of the country for 2018 called the nuclear posture Review.

In particular, the document refers to the need to increase the Arsenal of low-yield nuclear weapons – warheads with a low explosive force. This is due to the fact that the current shells have too great a destructive impact.

Despite the fact that the cold war is long in the past, says the text of the doctrine, “Russia perceives the US and NATO as major rivals and an impediment to the realization of their destabilizing geopolitical goals in Eurasia”.


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According to the compilers of the document, “Russia must understand that even if she first uses nuclear weapons, it will not allow her to achieve the goals, and completely change the nature of the conflict and will lead to unacceptable and incalculable damage for Moscow,” says the text.

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