Washington believes that the responsibility for the situation in Iraqi Basra, which is in turmoil, and Iran carries. He, according to the White house, finances, trains and arms helps his “henchmen” in Iraq.

Washington warned that if Iraq affected the American diplomats responsible Tehran. This is stated in statement by the press Secretary of the White house Sarah Sanders.

“Over the past few days we have seen the threat of attacks in Iraq, including against the United States Consulate in Basra and against the American Embassy in Baghdad,” said Sanders. “Iran has not taken any action to stop these attacks by its proxies in Iraq, which he supported with funding, training and weapons,” she continued.

A White house spokesman said that Washington is held accountable Tehran for any attack, which will hurt American diplomats or damages to the facilities of the U.S. government. “America quickly and decisively answer, to protect the lives of Americans,” warned Sanders .

In recent days, the unrest has spread to the Iraqi city Basra amid shortages of drinking water, which comes from Iran, mass poisonings, and power outages. The protesters blocked the work of strategic objects, made several attacks on the building of the regional administration, the offices of TV stations and the headquarters of political parties. Over the weekend
the protesters attacked the Iranian Consulate General in Basra.

The Russian foreign Ministry last week reported that the security forces of Iraq to control the situation in Basra. The Ministry stressed that the Iraqi authorities have taken additional measures to resolve the situation and ensure the safety of foreign missions in Basra.