The UN said there was evidence of war crimes by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

The United Nations has evidence of the involvement of Bashar al-Assad in war crimes. Such statements were made a member of the Commission of the United Nations to investigate crimes in Syria , Carla del Ponte. This writes strana.ua with reference to Le Matin Dimanche.

While the Syrian authorities headed by President denies any reports of UN representatives about his involvement in war crimes.

Bashar Al-Assad. Photo: Reuters

“Yes, I am convinced that this is so. That’s why I was so upset by this situation. Was done preparatory work. Despite this, neither the Prosecutor nor the court”, — she answered to the question about the presence of evidence of the crimes of Assad.

The UN representative explained this development by the fact that Russia vetoed the UN security Council on the establishment of an international Tribunal for crimes in Syria.

Del Ponte describes the situation as “tragedy,” because “without justice in Syria, there will be no peace, and in the future, and the future.”

“I’ve never seen such a brutal conflict. Children are the main victims of this conflict”, she said.

Del Ponte, former Prosecutor of UN International Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. She is a member of the UN Commission to investigate crimes in Syria since September 2012.

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