The UN has named the country which the overwhelming number of executions

The death sentence does not help the victims or prevent crime, and the court — even the fair is not immune from error. This was stated by the Secretary-General, antónio Guterres, speaking at the event, timed to the world day against the death penalty, the press service of the UN.

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In 2016, the number of executions worldwide dropped by 37 percent compared with the previous year. Today, 87 percent of executions had occurred in four countries.

According to the organization “Amnesty international”, the largest number of executions last year took place in China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

The UN chief also reminded that, in accordance with international standards on human rights, the process of execution of death sentence should be “transparent”. According to him, many countries violate their international obligations withholding information from the family of the executed .

In his speech, antónio Guterres, appealed to the countries in the world with a call to abandon the death penalty. He stressed that this “barbaric” the punishment should not be place in the XXI century.

We will remind, Belarus is the only country in Europe where death penalty is applied. At the moment of execution, expect four sentenced: Kirill Kazachek for the murder of two of their children, 32-year-old Alex Mikhalenia for the murder of two pensioners, and two defendants in the case of “black realtors” — Igor Gerchakov and Simon care.

Last year in Belarus has been executed by 4 persons. In 2017 the execution of a death sentence Sergey Ostrikov for the rape and murder of two women.

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