The Ukrainians played a huge jackpot

In the well-known Ukrainian online poker room over the summer he got a huge jackpot of more than 1,500,000 USD! This jackpot is raffled in special circumstances: when a very strong and rare combination of losing another more powerful and rare combination.

Since September 11, 16:32 among the players fann and not4money was a hard fought draw, where everyone was sure of his victory and set to the maximum, but the players did not assume that the result of the draw they will receive hundreds of thousands of hryvnia!



Are dealt one player has a straight flush, but lost to the strongest in the poker combinations flush Royal, and then on the table appeared a notification that a player wins a huge jackpot! Judging by the chat at the table, the players did not even realize what happened. By the way, received a substantial prize and those who just stood at this table, but was not involved in the hand! Congratulations to the winners!



The next day after the draw the player not4money agreed to answer a few questions:


Q:In what city do you live in?




Q:How old are you?



Q:Poker is your main source of income or just a hobby?



Q:what do you do?

About:sales Manager


Q:How long have you been registered on Pokermac?

A:about a month ago


Q:did you Feel that day, what are you waiting for something so grandiose?



Q:did you Believe that the Internet do these jackpots are played fairly and that this can happen with you?



Q:What did you feel when you played the jackpot?

A:I was shocked


Q:What did you do immediately after winning the jackpot?

About:next to me at the time my girlfriend, so we discussed this a miracle)


Q:How do you plan to do with your prize money?

A:the part left in the poker, and the rest will buy a car


Q:do you Continue now to play poker on?

A:Of Course


Q:What would you wish players who have not yet received such winnings or may not believe that this is real?

A:I’ll tell the players that this is the first ball in my life) But I’m already looking forward to the next jackpot! And I want to thank the player who was with me in the hand ,coming to a 3-bet 98червей! Friend thanks! And of course thank Pokermac, who came up with a real system that works! Good luck to everyone

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