Propaganda chief editor of RT Margarita Simonyan was urgently hospitalized.

The incident occurred after a meeting with the female lawyer of Fund of struggle against corruption Love Sable on the radio station “Echo of Moscow”. It is reported by Telegram-channel RT in Russian.

In his Telegram-channel Simonyan explained that at the entrance she met the lawyer of FBK, then began to ask her questions and film it.

Margarita Simonyan

RIA Novosti

“Half an hour for me at the entrance guarded. Chased me through the corridors, while the good “ehovtsy” don’t put me in the Cabinet Venediktov (chief editor of “Echo of Moscow”)”, — she wrote.

The Post Margarita Simonyan

In addition, Simonyan said that she was pregnant:

“Beautiful, by the way, girl. But harrasing pregnant women in the corridors of the radio station — not the best method of conducting the election campaign. And for karma, not good.”

In the video, the chief editor of RT says that “an interview is necessary to arrange, as necessary, using a press-service”, and asks the employees of “echo of Moscow” “to isolate her because she can’t be nervous.”

As reported by OBOZREVATEL earlier Sokolov was clearly making fun of the “election” movie propagandist Putin, in which she imagines himself a candidate for President of Ukraine.

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