The success of the Ukrainian players on the World series of poker

Over the long history of this prestigious festival made famous by many players and before the start of the next season of the WSOP, we decided to recall the successes of the Ukrainians in this series.

World series of poker is the most anticipated event for players from all over the world and unofficially called the world Cup. For six weeks thousands of players compete for a substantial prize at the Rio casino, in Las Vegas, hoping to get the trophy series gold bracelet champion. This year the WSOP will be held from 30 may to 13 July, during this time, will be held 74 of the tournament, each of which will be played on the same bracelet.

Ukrainian poker players long enough to play at the WSOP, but the first champion from our country was Eugene Katchalov in 2011. In a tense struggle for the main prize, he was able to get around 356 rivals and get the prize for first place – $122,909. It is worth noting that the final table was very solid company – in addition to Eugene for the bracelet once fought two Champions World series: Vasily Lazar (1990 and 1997) and Eric Bachmann (2010). However, both renowned poker player are unable to get to the duel where the opponent she was Italian Alessio Isaiah. In the beginning Isaiah had a significant advantage in chips, but luck that day was on the side of Eugene. Just over an hour he was able to regain the lead, and then in the final hand assembled the best combination and became the first in the history of Ukraine champion.



But 2011 was not only successful for Eugene – after a few days the bracelet got and Alex Kovalchuk. He managed to overcome 1,377 opponents on the way to the coveted bracelet and the $689,739. One of the most dangerous opponents of Alexei was Chris Moorman is an experienced player and successful coach, which account for more than $12,000,000 winnings online and $4,600,000 in live tournament winnings. But eminent the British occupied only the third place, and Alex beat in a duel by Anton Ionela from Romania.



A year later, Kovalchuk has repeated, once again in the final of one of tournaments of World series of poker. This time he had to repel the attacks of George Danzer of Austria in the struggle for the main prize of $228,014. It is worth noting that despite the defeat, the dancer was able to show great progress to date, he has 4 of the bracelet.

The next and last bracelet in the Treasury of Ukraine won the Igor Dubinsky, becoming the champion of a charity tournament The Little One for One Drop, where part of the entry fee of each player goes to a Fund to help people without access to drinking water. Dnipropetrovsk player was able to win despite a very high competition – the tournament was attended 4,496 players, and the prize Fund amounted to $4,046,400! In the final main favorite was considered the champion of the 2009 Eric Baldwin from the USA, but the main prize ($637,539) went to our compatriot.



The following two years have not been so successful for players from Ukraine, but during this time they visited 90 times prizes and in total earned nearly $1,500,000! I hope in 2017 on account of Ukraine will be the fifth bracelet of the World series of poker, and the number of prizes set new records.

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