Elon Musk

Musk is not merely a technological genius, but a competent lobbyist.

Elon Muskis certainly talented. But have you ever wondered what role the American government in its success?

Even in 2016, while in California the car Tesla, was surprised to learn that about 30% of the cost of the vehicle covers the state. The final price tag was really good, about $36 thousand for the Tesla ModelX. When I first asked the question about the state’s role in the success of Ilona.

But first, let’s talk about the role played by the Russians in the creation of SpaseX.

In 2001, Musk, burning with the idea of colonization of Mars, tried to buy cheap rockets from Russia, but returned empty handed after not been able to find missile at an affordable price. On the way home, Musk realized that he could create a company able to make available the missiles it needs. With the help of experts Musk estimates that the cost of producing the missiles actually accounted for only 3% of the sale price. This was a key point for decision-making.

Using vertical integration, producing about 85% of its equipment to start and modular approach of software development, SpaceX can lower launch price ten times and get 70% profit.

Now to the money. As the Mask is currently estimated at $37.2 bn.

The first serious money Musk money on the sale in 1997 of the company Zip2, which specialized in software for news companies. Musk received 7% of the sale amount — $22 million

In October 2002, Musk created PayPal was bought by eBay for $1.5 billion At the time of sale the Mask belonged to 11.7% of the company’s shares of USD 180 million.

In March 2018 the shareholders of the company Tesla has voted for higher wages Elon musk to $3 billion a year. But most of the money for the business development of Mask received from the government. The first news I found, said that as of 2015, the business Empire Mask received from the us government almost $5 billion. But in fact, the amount is much more.

We would work with budget money called a familiar term, but Musk respected businessman and therefore impossible. In particular, the sums of money managed to find:

1. The state of new York spends $750 million for the construction of a plant for the production of solar panels in Buffalo for SolarCity.

2. Company from San MATEO, California, will lease the plant for $ 1 a year. He will not pay property taxes within a decade, that otherwise, would have been approximately $260 million.

3. The Federal government provides grants or tax credits to cover 30% of the cost of solar installations. SolarCity reported receiving $497,5 million in direct grants from the Ministry of Finance.

4. Since 2006, SolarCity has installed systems for 217 595 customers, according to the Union of scientists — the government expenditure amounted to about $1.5 billion, including Treasury grants paid to SolarCity.

5. Nevada has agreed to give Tesla $1.3 billion in the form of incentives to help to build a large plant for the production of batteries near Reno.

6. SpaceX has received $20 million in subsidies from Texas to build a missile system.

7. In addition to incentives, SpaceX has received more than $5.5 billion in public contracts from NASA and the U.S. air force.

8. In August 2012, SpaceX was awarded a grant in the amount of $440 million from NASA to design and develop the spacecraft of the next generation to take passengers into orbit

9. In 2014, NASA granted SpaceX $2.6 billion for the certification and safety testing of its Dragon space capsule.

10. At the end of 2013 Tesla has gathered officials for economic development of the seven States on its automobile plant in Fremont, California, Tesla then issued $195 million in transferable tax benefits that the automaker could sell for cash.

11. To provide benefits in its budget, Nevada has reduced incentives for other sectors in the state and eliminated tax breaks for insurance companies.

12. Gigafactory in Nevada (daughter Tesla) receives public assistance in the amount of $1.25 billion from the state government for 20 years.

It is important to note that the Mask quite heavily invested in the politicians — both Democrats and Republicans. Very wise. So Musk is not just a technological genius, but a competent lobbyist.

However, given the large infusion of public money can hardly be considered his business, and how flights SpaceX private.

Although everything looks nice.

Anatoliy Amelin, “a New time”