The state Department flags with the Russian diplomatic missions “has been removed with all reverence”

Russia has sent to the American side the resolute protest in connection with the fact that with a blocked diplomatic facilities in San Francisco and Washington were “disrupted the Russian flag”. The state Department noted that the flags have been removed “with all respect”.

The Russian trade mission in San Francisco, California, USA. Photo: Reuters

“The American side sent a strong protest in connection with the fact that the objects of our diplomatic property in San Francisco under the control of U.S. authorities disrupted the Russian flag. See this as an extremely unfriendly step,” the statement reads.

Later the Russian Embassy reported that Russian flags were removed and a building of the Russian trade mission in Washington, which had previously been closed by the decision of the American side.

The US state Department replied that the flags are not stripped, and “took off with all due respect” .

“The c flags of the former Russian consular property was respectfully lowered and securely stored in each of the buildings”, — quotes Reuters the statement of the representative of the US state Department obtained by email.

However, the new Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Anatoly Antonov said on unfriendly steps the United States that prevent the restoration of relations between the two countries, reports RIA “Novosti” with reference to the press service of the Embassy.

“Unfriendly steps the United States contrary to previously unheard assurances about the desire to establish Russian-American relations,” — said Antonov.

The closure of the Russian diplomatic facilities in San Francisco, and Washington was a retaliatory step by the us authorities to reduce staff of the diplomatic missions of the USA in Russia. After closing the data objects of the Russian foreign Ministry has accused Washington in the capture of the Russian departmenti and conducting searches. The U.S. side in response to these allegations said that the us officials just wanted to make sure that buildings are exempt. Currently, Russia’s access to the buildings closed.

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