The state border service reported that the militants fired at a strong point guards before PPC “Gnutova” from antiaircraft guns and rocket-propelled grenades

The militants fired at a strong point of the Ukrainian frontier guards

Photo: derzhavna prykordonna SLUZHBA Ukrayiny / Facebook

On the evening of 13 January, militants fired at a strong point of the Ukrainian border guards postcom before the control of entry and exit (KPVV) “Hnutove” from antiaircraft guns and rocket-propelled grenades, reported the State border service of Ukraine in Facebook.

It is noted that the fire was started at about 19.00 from the village Verhnechusovskie (before the Council was called October).

“The fire fighters made from ZU-23 and the AGS-17 in the direction of the reference point that before PPC “Gnutova”, where serving soldiers of the state border service. Grenades exploded in the 20-50 m from reference point”, – stated in the message.

As a result of bombardment nobody has suffered, the infrastructure is not damaged. The guards return fire was not opened.

На Донеччині терористи обстріляли опорний пункт прикордонників зенітними установками та гранатометамиУчора близько 19-…

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The armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine began in April 2014. Fighting underway between the Armed forces of Ukraine and Pro-Russian rebels who control part of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

00.00 23 December 2017 in the conflict zone was announced new year and Christmas truce. December 24, according to Ukrainian military, the militants violated the agreement and opened fire.

The parties have repeatedly declared a truce, but never managed to achieve full compliance.

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