The spark Weinstein sparked the fire

The spark Weinstein sparked the fire

The flow of revelations is not the end

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The spark that started the revelations of the antics of Hollywood superproducer Harvey Weinstein, broke out in a forest fire that devours our celebrities, but does not affect the ordinary molested and rapists.

Recently left “the Center for American progress” released a poll of the Federal Commission on equal opportunities in employment. If these names sound in Russian clumsy, then this is normal: in my youth I translated into English hundreds of pages of Soviet propaganda before noticed the absurd wording and titles are translated too absurd. And here.

The Commission’s survey aims to find out which industries have the most sexual harassment. It turned out that most complaints (14%) are in hotels and catering. In second place, retail trade (13%), followed by industry (12%), medicine (11%) and administrative positions like secretaries (7%).

Industry, the media devote the lion’s share of attention, are at the end of the list. On the field of “information” have only 3% of complaints, and on art and the stage – 2%. The most vulnerable to sexual harassment female employees, agriculture (of course: milkmaids with their milk-pig people), cleaners and waitresses, as well as women working away from people or at night.

But few people will read about how a shepherd grabbing the pig. But how > > > > Weinstein matzoh Gwyneth Paltrow, will be happy to read any. However, judge for yourself.

Therefore, the media for two months excitedly depict the harassment that the claimants are not ordinary people, but only movie stars, politics, journalism, and now – and the conductor’s art.

Traditionally, sexual harassment brought things that are done without the consent of their object. Now in this category began to include things that someone just complained. Even if they took place decades ago.

I remember when the Supreme court in 1991, claimed the candidacy of a black conservative judge Clarence Thomas, his former assistant, good-looking African-American woman, Anita hill, suddenly made claims about harassment, which he supposedly exposed. Thomas did not touch her, but kept according to the hill, talking about sex and the size of their genitals.

The Senate listened to her complaints and eventually adopted Thomas after he badly suffered.

Now, I think it would apply. The times are changing.

Abuse often complain not only women but also men. Begin with ex professional footballer Terry Kruse, who then retrained in professional actors and plays, for example, in the TV series Brooklyn Ninety-Nine and Everybody Hates Chris. I’ve yet to see a single minute, but they often come across to me in advertising.

Crewes complains that famous Hollywood agent Adam Venit grabbed his causal place at last year’s get-together, though shamelessly and twice, and before that was staring at him and quickly stuck his tongue out and cleaned his back, like a snake.

The question is: why the huge Crewes in response not filled clean & clear face? Crewes says that because he’s black Ambala, the police could automatically take him to jail. It is necessary?

Secondly, Crewes – star of the first magnitude, he values each role, but Venit in Hollywood was one of the first value and could easily cut off his oxygen. So offended was silent and complained only after the “new York times” exposed Weinstein.

After complaints Kruse Agency, which employs Venit, suspended from work, but only for a month, and recently again took real filthy in his arms.

A lot more the Metropolitan Opera was punished on Sunday its chief conductor and former music Director of the 74-year-old James Levine (Levin written, but it reads incorrectly), who was suspended from work after he said three elderly men who allegedly subjected him to harassment decades ago.

For example, bassist Chris brown, who is now 66, recalls that in the summer of 1968, 25-year-old music teacher Levine has perpetrated with it the Masturbation, and then persuaded to respond in kind. At the time, Levine was a rising star of the music school in Michigan, which was engaged in 17-year-old brown.

Brown so upset about the incident during an interview with “the times” “I fought the tears.”

Cellist James Lestok tells the sad tale of how that summer Levine was masturbating him. Lestok, who was also 17, told the newspaper that “it was one of his many sexual encounters with Levine,” and said that the memory of it “haunts”.

Finally, Ashok Pai, who told Levine to the police in Illinois last year, said that he was done with it dissolute actions in the summer of 1986, when Ashoka was only 16.

Three days before the removal of a famous conductor of the Metropolitan Opera of EN-bi-si kicked them out of the main host of the morning news 59-year-old Matt Lauer, the process of hair loss which viewers watched exactly 20 years.

As an alleged member of the Supreme court, Thomas Lauer was proud of his body, otherwise he wouldn’t have pulled the front of his pants with one employee. She refused to give him the desired service, and Lauer told her off.

The other he gave the sex toy and appended to it a note with a description of the manipulations that he would like to do with egresados with the said fixture.

The last straw was a complaint in which one prodyusersha complained of indecent acts star channel in trip to Sochi Olipiadu. I knew that without Russia this Saga will not do, and he was right.

Say that to Lauer complained before, but he brought a EN-bi-si so much money that the authorities were watching his antics through his fingers and paid him almost 25 million a year. So he will not die in poverty and, at worst, can be asked to the RT, which is a graveyard for banned from broadcast American stars.

Hillary Clinton took the fall to Lauer on account of karma: they say, fate finally caught up with him because he played up last year, Trump and harm her.

That’s the person who everyone is searching for the causes of the defeat and can not find. I also believe in karma and I think Lauer is paying for an interview with the former host of “the Fox” by bill O’reilly, who flooded his channel for harassment.

Now it was fun again to watch a recording of this interview, in which little Lauer moralize-foot O’reilly. God is still there.

The oldest and the womanizer of the U.S. house of representatives 88-year-old John Conyers suddenly had to retire, leaving to put in his place his son, as if we were in North Korea.

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